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Understanding the accuracy of AI captions: A comprehensive guide

By Markus Aregger on April 13, 2023

Closed captions are an effective technique to improve accessibility, engagement, and information retention during presentations and live events. This, together with shifting video consumption habits in the realm of video streaming, has recently accelerated the adoption of AI-powered captioning in live events and business meetings.

But when it comes to choosing a provider for your own meeting or event, the question that is most frequently asked is: how accurate are automatic live captions?

The quick answer is that, under ideal conditions, automatic captions in spoken languages can achieve up to 98% accuracy as assessed by Word Error Rate (WER).

And yes, there's a long, slightly more complex answer. In this article, we want to give you an overview of how accuracy is measured, what factors impact accuracy, and how to take accuracy to new heights.

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