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Become an Interprefy-approved interpreter

We partner with Language Service Providers to source and assign highly-qualified conference interpreters for each event.

Interprefy-approved conference interpreters undergo extensive training and evaluation to enable them to deliver superb live interpretation and a smooth event experience both for clients and interpreters.

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The Interprefy Approval journey

Step 1: Evaluation

If you are a conference interpreter and would like to join our LSP's pool of interpreters, please submit the form below to get started with the evaluation process.   

Our Language Service Providers review all incoming requests and, if there is a match, they may approach you directly to start the recruitment process.

Key requirements in this stage include:

  • A degree in Conference Interpretation
  • Average 5 years of work experience in the field
  • You have computer, audio, microphone, and internet speed that meet the specifications.

Step 2: Platform training

After successful evaluation, the Language Service Provider will arrange Interprefy Platform Training.

Platform Training is a blend of self-paced online learning and a live session with an Interprefy Training Specialist and an interpreting partner.

Our Training Specialists will also help you assess your technical equipment so you are ready to interprefy.

Step 3: Approval

Upon successful completion, interpreters are Interprefy Approved and can unlock their certificate of completion, badge and email banners.

Interprefy Approval status is automatically renewed every six months provided you have successfully interpreted at least one meeting/event powered by Interprefy in the previous period.

Client feedback together with our Remote Support Specialists rating of your platform navigation and use, sound quality, and equipment, forms part of our quality management processes.

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Are you only looking for training?

If you are not looking to join our LSP's pool of interpreters and are only looking for Interprefy Platform Training, please book your training below.

Book your training
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