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Live translation for training sessions, townhalls, and sales kickoff meetings

At trainings, seminars, SKOs and workshops, important know-how is conveyed. The participants might have a certain understanding of the presenter’s language, but only listening to the information in their mother tongue will ensure they are engaged and get the message. 

We help you deliver your content in all the languages that your audience speaks with remote simultaneous  interpretation, AI-translated speech and live subtitles. 

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How it works for internal meetings and events

In the past you would have had to find a trainer or speaker who could present in many languages and have as many sessions as languages were spoken by the audience. 

With Interprefy you can have your message shared in different languages in just one session, with professional interpreters, and live AI-translated speech and subtitles. 

Speakers or Trainers

Share their knowledge in their preferred language and can be on-site or off-site. 


Work remotely, are subject-matter experts, and translate in real-time what your speakers are saying. 


Follow the session in their preferred language through the mobile app if they are on-site or online if they are off-site. 

Why Interprefy your next training session or town hall?

By working with the industry leader in Remote Simultaneous Interpreting you can focus on creating informative training sessions and town halls while we make sure everyone can follow in a language they're comfortable in.

No need to create multiple webinars in different languages or source as many trainers as languages are in the audience, with Interprefy you can have multilingual training sessions and town halls with: 


Real-time interpretation

Professional interpreters working remotely can interpret, in real time, in any language combination. 


Automatic closed captioning

Secure equal access to the conversations and event content through automatic and machine-translated captions.


Integrated with Teams, Zooms & More

We integrate with your company-wide web conferencing tech stack.


World-class support

A dedicated project and tech support team makes sure everything runs smoothly in the background.


Any setup and device

A range of flexible integrations, mobile, web, and desktop apps make it possible to provide interpreting for literally any event setup.


ISO-certified security management

ISO 27001-certified, we keep your meetings and data secure with encrypted streaming, 2FA, and active directory integration.



We can record, edit, or transcribe your online meetings and events so that you can recall and share them. 



We can source interpreters in any spoken or signed language with expertise in any subject, through our partner network of language service providers. 

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Let's talk about your upcoming training session

Got a workshop, training session, or town hall? Not sure how to deliver it to a multilingual audience? Let's discuss your unique session requirements and how we can help.

Our products for training sessions and town halls


Get interpretation from our cloud-based software streamed into the platform of your choice like Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, and beyond.

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Connect Pro

Run your training and town hall sessions in our  all-in-one hybrid and web conferencing platform where participants, hosts, and interpreters meet. 

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The multilingual all-in-one meeting platform for your international workshops.

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Interprefy Now

For in-person sessions of up to 30 people, where anyone can talk, and there's no AV equipment.

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