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Live translation and interpreting for webinars and virtual events

Increase your event reach and connect people in their own language with real-time interpretation from professional conference interpreters, live subtitles, and AI translated speech. 

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Why multilingual webinars and virtual events?

Increase engagement

Make sure everyone can understand your carefully crafted content.

Expand your event reach

Tap into global markets by translating your live streaming content in real-time.

Create accessible experiences

Enhance meeting accessibility with sign language interpretation and closed captions.


Remove language barriers anywhere

Host multilingual webinars and virtual events on our all-in-one multilingual web conferencing platform or enjoy language access through a powerful language selector in one of over 70 meeting platforms we partner and integrate with.

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Key features of Interprefy for webinars and virtual events

Focus on creating stunning event experiences, while we make sure everyone can follow your event and join the conversation in a language they're proficient in.



Real-time professional interpretation

We can provide live interpretation from professional interpreters in any language combination. 


Automatic closed captioning

Secure equal access to the conversations and event content through automatic live closed captions in multiple languages.


RTMP live streaming

We support RTMP to stream real-time interpretation with near-zero delay.


World-class support

A dedicated project and tech support team makes sure everything runs smoothly in the background.


Maximum flexibility

A range of flexible integrations, and mobile and web apps make it possible to provide interpreting for literally any event setup.


ISO-certified security management

ISO 27001-certified, we keep your meetings and data secure with encrypted streaming, 2FA, and active directory integration.


Event recordings

We can record, edit, or transcribe your online  events so that you can make them available on demand 24/7. 



We can source interpreters in any spoken or signed language with expertise in any subject, through our partner network of language service providers. 


AI-translated speech

We can simplify event translation further with our AI-powered solution that delivers AI-translated speech and subtitles. 

From Zoom to the metaverse to outer space

We help you remove language barriers at even the most unique events. We've supported over 50,000 multilingual meetings, webinars, virtual summits and metaverse events - including an astronaut on the ISS and an Arctic expedition.
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Remove language barriers at your online events


Select allows you to add professional interpretation, live captioning, and AI-speech translation to your  Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams events and beyond.

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Connect Pro

The  all-in-one hybrid and web conferencing platform with remote interpretation, multilingual subtitles, and AI speech translation functions, for when multilingualism is mission-critical.

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Got a webinar for an international audience? Not sure how to make it truly multilingual? Let's discuss your unique event requirements and how we can help.