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Interprefy Now

Instantly make any in-person professional meeting multilingual

Speak in your language and access live multilingual captions and AI speech translation in 80 languages, on your phone. Ensure an engaging and productive multilingual face-to-face meeting experience anywhere with Interprefy Now.


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Access AI live translation on demand at in-person meetings with Interprefy Now

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Simplicity at its core
Once subscribed, no pre-meeting booking or technical set-up is required. Talk and listen in your language just with your phone. 
Accuracy you can trust
Powered by Interprefy AI, Interprefy Now delivers unmatched linguistic precision through AI speech translation and captions.
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No hardware required
Interprefy Now works on your smartphone, offering a personal, secure, and efficient communication experience.

The future of multilingual in-person meetings starts Now

Discover how Interprefy Now makes your in-person professional meetings and gatherings multilingual.

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Make any in-person, international meeting and gathering multilingual

Once subscribed, you can access live AI speech translation and multilingual captions directly on your phone, anywhere you choose to meet.

Business meetings

No longer the need to default to one language,  extend the duration of your meeting with consecutive interpretation, or install equipment for remote simultaneous interpretation.

Interprefy Now allows you to speak and listen in your preferred language, using your phone at any small and medium-sized meeting. 

Guided tours

Take real-time AI speech translation wherever you go with Interprefy Now. Allow your attendees at museum tours, factory tours, event and site tours to follow in their own language via their mobile phone.

Interprefy Now also lets users interact, engage, and ask questions in their own language with just the click of a button.

Training and coaching

Interprefy Now is particularly useful for practical training, on-the-task training, and international team coaching as it can be set up quickly. 

Its word for word complete translation and glossary function are useful in very technical applications to ensure mission-critical words don't slip through the cracks.

How Interprefy Now works

Designed with simplicity in mind, Interprefy Now offers a seamless experience from setup to operation.

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Step 1

Subscribe to Interprefy Now

Reach out to our Sales team to customise your monthly package, including your desired number of hours, choice of languages, and a tailor-made glossary just for you.

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Step 2

Log in to your virtual room

To start a multilingual, in-person session, log in to the virtual room provided by Interprefy on your mobile phone. 

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Step 3

Share QR code with meeting attendees

Show the QR code on your mobile phone to the rest of the meeting attendees so they can gain access to the virtual room to enjoy AI speech translation and captions. 

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Step 4

Select preferred language

All attendees need to do is select the language they will listen and speak in on the Interprefy Now mobile app. 

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Step 5

Push-on, push-off to talk

One speaker at a time presses the button to speak and presses it again once they're done, so someone else can talk. 

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Step 6

Enjoy AI speech translation and live captions

Every participant can listen and speak in the language of their choice through their phones or headsets. Live subtitles will also display on the screen. 

At international meetings, negotiations, training, sales pitches, or guided tours

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Make your gatherings accessible & inclusive

Interprefy Now offers real-time AI speech translation and multilingual captions to ensure everyone can follow along and engage using their mobile phones. 

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Save time

With Interprefy Now you remove the need for consecutive interpreters, technical set-up, or the need to host different gatherings per language combination. 

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Enjoy amazing capabilities with a simple design 

Designed for ease of use, with a single button, no pre-meeting booking or technical set-up required. 

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Reduce meeting interpretation logistics

Interprefy Now works on your attendees' mobile phones so you don't need to install speakers, mics, or source consecutive interpreters 

Frequently asked questions

Is Interprefy Now an app for personal use?

Interprefy Now is a subscription-based app for companies who need to remove language barriers from in-person meetings and gatherings.


What languages can Interprefy Now translate to and from?

Interprefy AI can currently translate from and into 80 languages, and the list keeps growing:

  • From: all UN, most EU and the most common Asian languages
  • To: all UN, all EU and the most common Asian languages
You can see the full list here.
How many attendees can my in-person meetings with Interprefy Now have?

Interprefy Now is a feature of the Interprefy app that makes in-person meetings of up to 30 people, multilingual through your mobile phone. 

Interprefy Now

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