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Our mission: to connect the world in their own language

The world is getting smaller and we want to open up conversations for everyone, no matter what language they’re speaking. At global summits, on multi-national panel talks, in online meetings between your branches, not all of us have a dozen languages in our back pockets. So how can we communicate without it becoming a barrier? By connecting the world in their own language.

That’s Interprefying it.

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"When I worked in business development at Swiss Post, I saw how many events required interpreting services. The technology was outdated, and the proprietary equipment was both cumbersome to transport and expensive to rent. I reckoned that — in a similar way to other communication services — simultaneous interpreting could be dramatically improved through standard IT hardware and by implementing state-of-the-art Internet and smartphone technologies."

kim ludvigsen
Kim Ludvigsen
Founder, Vice Chairman of the Board, Interprefy

Our vision

Removing language barriers from all meetings and events - anywhere.

Only 17% of the world speaks English either natively, or as a second language. Yet, when it comes to professional meetings, English is still often the default conversation language.

Organisations should be able to unlock global opportunities but language can be a huge barrier to reaching understanding and effective communication.

We want to change that.

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Access to global conversations in a language we are proficient in, and chances to share thoughts and ideas in our own words keep us from reaching our collective potential.

As a purpose-driven company we are committed to building products that unlock access to global opportunities and remove language barriers. 

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Simultaneous and conference interpreting hasn't changed much since 1945

But we're on a mission to change that with our live-translation services and remote simultaneous interpreting delivered via our platform.

Simultaneous interpreting used to be an expensive and exclusive service that only large international and government organisations could afford. Remote Simultaneous Interpretation technology (RSI) has democratised simultaneous interpretation by making it a service available for everybody: NGOs, associations, and even SMEs.

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Progress in cloud-based technology, along with the new norm of remote and hybrid working, have led to a multifold increase in demand for remote simultaneous interpreting services.

RSI technology has opened up access to simultaneous interpretation for a wide range of new use cases: webinars, guided tours in the metaverse, press conferences, town hall meetings, virtual summits, training sessions - the list goes on.

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Interprefy Aivia - key visual - ai speech translation for events

Let us connect you in your own language

Contact us today to discuss your upcoming event and how we can help you connect people in their own language.