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5 min read

Remote interpreting for on-site events: back to the future

By Markus Aregger on May 10, 2022

For nearly two years now event and meeting organisers worldwide have been trying out new and creative ways to take their gatherings online and embraced change and adaptation like never before.

Topics: Interpretation Technology Hybrid Events In-Person Events benefits
1 min read

Interprefiers take the floor: February special edition

By Dora Murgu on February 25, 2022

Interprefiers Take the Floor is now available on your preferred podcast directory.

Listen and download the podcast below:




Available for download on:


In this special edition we take you to the Expo 2020, where we met with Amarou Farkouh, the interpreter who brought outer space to Interprefy, and project manager Danijel Dragutinovic who oversaw the project. 

Topics: Interpreters Hybrid Events In-Person Events Multilingual Meetings Podcast