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Hold in-person meetings instantly in your language 

Make any in-person professional gathering multilingual with just your mobile phone and Interprefy Now. AI speech translation and multilingual captions are instantly available with the click of a button. 

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Why instant, multilingual professional gatherings?

Facilitate understanding in up to 80 languages

80% of the world doesn't speak English. Make sure everyone you meet can understand.

Enhance your gatherings' accessibility

Provide live multilingual captions to boost understanding and support the Deaf and hard of hearing. 

Same meeting duration

Enable everyone to share their thoughts and ideas freely in their own words, while everybody understands in real-time with their phones.

Remove language barriers anywhere

Run multilingual meetings, guided tours, coaching and training sessions, and negotiations with Interprefy Now. Enjoy AI-speech translation and multilingual captions in over 80 languages straight with your mobile phone. 
Discover Interprefy Now

Wouldn't life be easier if you didn't need AV equipment?

Meet Interprefy Now, the future of in-person, professional communication without any equipment. 

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Step 1

Subscribe to Interprefy Now

Reach out to our Sales team to customise your monthly package, including your desired number of hours, choice of languages, and a tailor-made glossary just for you.

Interprefy Now VRooms UI mock-up  (1)

Step 2

Log in to your VRoom

To start a multilingual, in-person session, log in to the virtual room provided by Interprefy on your mobile phone. 

Interprefy Now Master Share QR UI mock up

Step 3

Share QR code with meeting attendees

Show the QR code on your mobile phone to the rest of the meeting attendees so they can gain access to the virtual room to enjoy AI speech translation and captions. 

Interprefy Now Language Selection UI mock-up

Step 4

Select preferred language

All attendees need to do is select the language they will listen and speak in on the Interprefy Now mobile app. 

Interprefy Now Speak button mock-up  (1)

Step 5

Push-on, push-off to talk

One speaker at a time presses the button to speak and presses it again once they're done, so someone else can talk. 

Interprefy Now Other user speaking UI mock-up

Step 6

Enjoy AI speech translation and live captions

Every participant can listen and speak in the language of their choice through their phones or headsets. Live subtitles will also display on the screen. 

Benefit from the simplicity of Interprefy Now

Powered by Interprefy AI, we make sure everyone can join the conversation in a language they're proficient in, using their phones.



No equipment set-up

Subscribe to Interprefy Now, share the QR code, and make any in-person professional gathering multilingual using mobile phones. 


AI speech translation

Make sure your attendees understand each other with real-time AI speech translation in over 80 languages, accessible on their phones. 


Live multilingual captions

We can provide live multilingual captions to help the message sink in and increase accessibility. 


Top AI engines

We benchmark top AI engines for each language combination to ensure optimal performance, sparing you the need to research or settle for an out-of-the-box solution.


ISO-certified security management

ISO 27001-certified, we keep your meetings and data secure with encrypted streaming, 2FA, and active directory integration.



Sign-up, set it up, and get ready to enjoy live AI speech translation and multilingual captions in 80 languages, anytime!

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