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Live translation solutions for any meeting or event

We offer a range of real-time interpreting and captioning solutions for any online, hybrid, or on-site event – from small, intimate Zoom meetings to large-scale, multinational conferences.

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Used at thousands of meetings & events of all shapes and sizes
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Where can you use Interprefy?

In-person events

Enhance your in-person event experience with a real-time interpreting app.

Online meetings & events

Host your meetings in multiple languages on any meeting platform.

Hybrid events

Combine the best of both worlds, and existing equipment with our platform. 

What can you interprefy?

Wherever people meet, you can enable them to connect, speak and listen in their own language. Interprefy has enabled truly multilingual conversations at some of the most unique places, including arctic expeditions and the International Space Station.

Business meetings

Host your meetings and events online and facilitate meaningful conversations by allowing everyone to join in a language they're proficient in. Interprefy provides both stand-alone multilingual web conferencing software, as well as integrates with your selected video conferencing platform.

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On-site, virtual or hybrid - the Interprefy platform can be scaled to reach thousands of attendees listening to real-time interpretation in their preferred language. Using our platform, interpreters can work from any location in the world, saving you not only booth space, but also transportation and accommodation costs.

Case Study - Vaccine Virtual Days connecting 5,000 experts in their own language
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Governmental sessions

Integrated with your existing hardware equipment on-site or online meetings hosted on Interprefy. We provide dedicated technical support and ISO-certified security standards to ensure successful multilingual meetings with no interruptions.

Case Study - Connecting on-site and remote delegates in Geneva
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Press conferences

With Interprefy’s platform you can offer professional simultaneous interpreting at your press conference for as many languages as you want. Journalists can join online or use their smart devices to listen to the interpreters and to ask questions.

Case Study - RSI at UEFA EURO 2020
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Hybrid events

Connect multiple event locations, deliver content in multiple languages, and connect remote participants, wherever, whenever. On-site participants access live interpreting on the Interprefy mobile app, while your virtual attendees can benefit from Interprefy's integration into leading virtual event platforms.

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Boost your webinar reach and tailor your content to new markets by providing live interpretation from professional conference interpreters on the webinar platform of your choice. From ON24 to Notified, and Hopin - we partner and integrate with the leading webinar platforms.

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Panel Discussions

The Interprefy platform can handle as many languages as clients require. Panel discussions often include experts speaking in different languages. Through Interprefy's relay language capabilities, interpreters can switch to interpret from the rendition of a fellow interpreter.

Case Study - MCI brings the World Congress of Accountants to the world stage
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Training sessions & Town halls

At trainings, seminars and workshops, important know-how is conveyed. The participants might have a certain understanding of the presenter’s language, but only interpreting into their mother tongue will assure a correct understanding of the matter discussed.

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Live streaming events

Stream your event live on YouTube with real-time interpreting to reach hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide.

Case Study - How WTS engaged 500,000 viewers on Youtube
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In-person meetings up to 30 people

Interprefy Now lets everyone speak, listen, and read in their own language without the need for AV equipment in the room. All participants need is their smartphone and an internet connection. 


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Our multilingual solutions offering

We'll help you find the best solution for your specific meeting and event needs. 

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)

Professional conference interpreters translate the content of your meeting or event in real time. For online, on-site or hybrid set-ups. 

Discover RSI

Closed captions

Artificial intelligence transcribes or translates the spoken content of your meeting or event in real-time. 

For online or hybrid set-ups. 

Discover captions

AI Speech translation

Leverage cutting-edge AI for real-time speech translation, perfect for when time and budget constraints make hiring professional interpreters impractical.

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"The fact that Interprefy managed to come on board and enable remote interpretation within two weeks is simply amazing. The whole process from quotation to execution was extremely fast, straightforward and well-coordinated."

Isabelle Bang
Senior Congress Manager, GSK
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"The ease with which Interprefy connected our teams was phenomenal and we wouldn’t have been able to quickly set ourselves up for success without them. The customer experience and behind-the-scenes support was extraordinary."

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Rhonda Bennetto
Senior Vice President of Investor Relations & Communications, UCT
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"Thanks to the Interprefy team for the support. The event went really smoothly, and everyone was happy with the service."

Jack Morton
Key Creative Producer, Facebook