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Combine SpotMe with the leading Remote Simultaneous Interpretation solution

Interprefy and SpotMe have teamed up to provide you with a seamless live event translation experience.

We've supported thousands of multilingual SpotMe events connecting participants in their own language.

SpotMe customers can now engage in their own language with the support of our remote interpreting technology and our network of thousands of professional and vetted conference interpreters.

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Make your SpotMe events truly multilingual

Connecting global audiences online can be trickyfrom sourcing and vetting the right conference interpreters to securing a powerful technical setup and support throughout the event.

Let us do the heavy lifting for your SpotMe event with:


Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Add up to 100 languages to your event and interpreters work on Interprefy's interpreting soft console from anywhere in the world. 


Dedicated support

A dedicated project and technical remote support team takes care of the set-up, sound-checking and monitoring throughout the event.


Professional interpreters

We can source the right match of professional language interpreters for your language combinations and subject area - or train your interpreting teams.


Media services

We can provide you with the recording of your event and a transcript of the event in all the languages available, including the floor, upon request so you can share it or replay it. 

How Interprefy works with SpotMe


Accesses simultaneous interpretation via the Interprefy language dropdown selector in SpotMe.


Work from the Interprefy interpreting soft console where they access the speech and deliver their interpretation.

Remote Support

Monitors the event closely and maintains direct lines with the interpreter teams.

Are you ready to make your SpotMe events truly multilingual?

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