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Tailored pricing to meet your unique needs

We can create a pricing plan that suits your individual requirements perfectly. Whether you're a small or large business, require on-site, hybrid, or remote services, we can tailor our pricing to meet your unique needs. After all, no two events are alike, and we understand that.

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Flexible pricing for any event

Usage-based pricing
No annual subscription required
Flexible interpreter rates

Pay only for what you need.

Platform fees

We consider number of languages, event length, and user count to give you an accurate cost quote for our platform.
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Professional services

We offer on-site and remote project support, equipment set-up and configuration, audio and video monitoring by expert technicians, recording services, and more.
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Interpreter fees

Our interpretation services are priced based on session duration through our partner Language Service Providers.
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Additional services

We offer equipment, platform training, interpreter team training, event recording, and dedicated project managers and tech support for event oversight.
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AI-powered captioning

We offer leading-edge live closed captioning with translation options. Pricing includes a set-up fee for engine optimization, project support, and a captions fee per hour and language.
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Talk to sales

Schedule a 15-min call with us to discuss your upcoming event and how we can tailor a solution and quote that matches your needs.