Tailored pricing that meets your unique needs

Small or large, on-site, hybrid, or remote, we can develop various pricing solutions to meet your specific requirements. Because no two events are the same, our pricing is tailored to your unique needs. 

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Flexible pricing for any event


Our pricing is based on actual RSI and captions usage and service hours.


No minimum order quantity or annual subscription is required.


Flexible rates for interpreter assignements

Pay only for what you need.

RSI Platform Fees

To provide you with the most accurate quote for the cost of our platform, we evaluate several variables, including:

  • number of languages
  • length of the event and sessions
  • expected number of listeners
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Professional Services

We provide multiple support services for our clients, including on-site and remote support, equipment set-up and configuration, monitoring of audio and video via expert technicians and much more.

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Interpreter Assignment Rates

Our interpretation services – delivered via our partner network of Language Service Providers – are priced based on the duration of the sessions.

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Additional Services

If you’re looking for equipment, training on how to use the Interprefy platform, train your interpreter teams, or even someone to record your events, we can help.

We can even provide you with a dedicated, on-call project manager and tech support team to help oversee events and meetings. Just contact us and we'll help you out. 

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Closed Captions

We can provide live closed captions through Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) from the speaker and interpreters, as well as machine-translated (MT) captions. Pricing consists of:

  • Set-up fee: In collaboration with trained linguists for your required languages, we'll help you set up your custom glossary, to take captions accuracy to new heights.
  • Captions fee per hour and language
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Get a tailored quote

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Every event is unique. Schedule a 15-min call with us to discuss your upcoming event and how we can tailor a solution and quote that matches your needs. 

Simply select your preferred date and time for a short introduction call today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does simultaneous interpretation cost?

The cost of booking simultaneous interpretation mainly depends on three factors: The session duration, the amount of languages required, and the number of attendees accessing interpretation.

Can I use Interprefy with my in-house interpreter team?

Absolutely! If you have your own in-house interpreters or a team you have worked with previously who are privy to company-specific jargon, Interprefy will train them.

Do you integrate with Zoom and Microsoft Teams?

We sure do! We have partnered with Microsoft to bring live interpreting and live captions to MS Teams and also integrate with Zoom.

How secure is Interprefy?

We are ISO 27001-certified for information security management and use enterprise-grade security to protect events, meetings, conferences from prying eyes (and ears).

Audio and video streams are encrypted using 256-bit encryption, while two-factor authentication (2FA) via SMS or email governs access to the tool.