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Only pay for what you need

We offer bespoke pricing plans to meet your unique requirements, whether you're a small or large business and need on-site, hybrid, or remote services. Because no two events are the same.

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Slash your interpreting costs by up to 75%

No need to fly in interpreters and rent cumbersome hardware. By utilising remote interpreting, you can significantly reduce both financial and environmental costs, while also streamlining the process of setting up and providing interpretation services.

  • No annual subscription required
  • Usage-based, hourly pricing
  • Save even more with bundle options
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We'll tailor a quote around your unique needs

Pricing for simultaneous interpretation services

Whether you're seeking our collaboration for a unique event or aiming to maximize your savings through regular interprefied meetings, we have the perfect solution customized just for you.

  • Technology fees - We consider language count, event duration, and user count for technology quotes
  • Hourly interpreter fees - Interpreter fees are based on session duration through our partner Language Service Providers
  • Professional services - On-site and remote support, equipment setup and configuration, expert monitoring of audio and video, recording services, and more
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Pricing for AI Speech Translation & Captions

Save cost while maximising your language offering with best-in-class AI-powered captioning and speech translation. 

  • AI technology fees - Benefit from tiered hourly fees
  • Event glossary preparation - We support you in preparing the AI engines to get even the most unique terminology right
  • Professional services - Receive dedicated project support, including expert assistance with technology configuration, continuous monitoring, recording services, and much more
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Talk to sales today

Reach out to talk about your upcoming event. We'll work together to create a customised solution and quote that perfectly aligns with your needs.

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