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Live interpretation & translated captions for MS Teams meetings

Make your MS Teams meetings truly multilingual with Interprefy's add-on for Microsoft Teams. We bring live language interpreting and automatic, translated captioning to your meetings.

microsoft teams captions interpreting

Translate your town halls, training sessions, and more, in real-time.

With Interprefy's native integration for Microsoft Teams, you can let everyone meet, speak and listen in a language they're comfortable in.

All your meeting participants need to do is select their preferred audio language and they will hear crystal-clear, live audio translation from vetted pro-interpreters.

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Take your Microsoft Teams meetings to global heights

Interprefy has successfully supported over 50,000 multilingual meetings and events through a powerful combination of cloud-based remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) technology, unmatched language talent, and dedicated project and tech support.


Reach a wider audience

by enabling your participants to speak, listen and engage in their own language.


Increase inclusivity

for your diverse participant groups through a simple and powerful language selector in MS Teams.


Bridge the linguistic gap

by offering any language combination thanks to an unmatched talent pool from global language service providers.


Enjoy world-class support

from our renowned Project and Technical Support teams, before and during your event.


Support accessibility

Add automatic and real-time translated live captions to your meetings.

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