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Live interpretation & captioning for Microsoft Teams meetings

Enable your peers to join your Microsoft Teams meetings in their own language. We provide a range of tech-enabled language service options to help everyone understand and be understood.

microsoft teams captions interpreting

Translate your town halls, training sessions, and more, in real-time.

With Interprefy for Microsoft Teams, everyone can meet, speak, and listen in their native language.

All your meeting attendees need to do is choose their preferred audio language, and they will hear crystal-clear, live audio translation from vetted professional interpreters.

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Unlock conversations in multiple languages in Teams

We provide a range of customizable live translation solutions to help you host accessible, inclusive and multilingual business meetings, webinars, or live events.


Increase inclusivity

Make sure your globally distributed colleagues, clients and partners can fully understand and be understood.


Bridge the linguistic gap

Access our global pool of subject-savvy pro interpreters to bring high quality real-time interpretation to your meetings.


Enjoy a worry-free experience

Before and during your meetings, our world-class project and support teams ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Support accessibility

Assist the deaf and hard of hearing by including high-quality, AI-powered live captioning and sign language interpretation.

Choose from 3 flexible language access options

One-click interpretation access in Teams

We stream crystal-clear interpretation audio from professional interpreters into Teams' audio language channels.

Combine Interprefy's leading simultaneous interpretation software and services with Microsoft Teams' new language interpretation feature to facilitate one-click interpretation access.

The recommended solution for Teams meetings with simple language requirements.

How "Inject" works
Microsoft Teams Inject Integration-min

3-in-1 language access via weblink

Provide your audience with live interpretation, AI-translated captions, and even sign language interpretation.

Users simply open the Interprefy app alongside the meeting in their web browser or mobile app and get instant language access.

The recommended solution for Teams Webinars and Teams Live events.

Microsoft Teams Blended Integration-min

Teams plug-in: language access in the meeting sidebar

Available through the Microsoft Teams app store, the Interprefy plugin provides live language access in a sidebar during your Teams meetings - for both interpretation and AI-translated captioning.

The recommended solution for regular business meetings.

Microsoft Teams Plugin Integration-min
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Want to learn more?

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