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Everything you need to know about Interprefy’s partner services

Since 2014, Interprefy has worked with leading international partners and resellers, and they have been instrumental to our success. Our partner network spans the globe and our clients are supported by the Interprefy Partner Network to access specific services and capabilities. 

By working with us, you can develop your activities, access global markets and work with some of the best businesses, organisations and brands on the planet.

For language service providers & Interpreting agencies

By partnering with us, we can provide you with more assignments through our global market, enabling you to operate at an international scale and increase profitability.

The Interprefy platform provides partners with a unique tool that reduces logistics and expenses – enabling you to deliver interpreting services anytime, anywhere, while saving your clients money.

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Remote Interpreting Partner for on-site events

For venues

When it comes to international engagements and large events with many languages, equipment floor space can become an issue.

With our cloud-based platform it is possible to scale your venue by allowing attendees to join digitally. 

Not only does this capability help reduce costs, it also allows you to leverage our LSP partner network to offer parallel events across multiple venues.

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For event agencies

Rather than working with several different partners for interpretation support, audio and visual equipment, training and on/off-site support – why not work with one, us?

No matter where your event is taking place, we can provide the necessary level of support through the Interprefy partner network and our existing specialists. 

These experts will be available on-site or remotely, ensuring your events go ahead smoothly.

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For AV companies

All of our clients require very different configurations – on-site set-ups, remote set-ups, hub set-ups, the list goes on. In addition to this, some need on-site or remote support. 

By joining our partner network, you’ll be able to participate in all the engagements we have across the globe, providing your technical expertise – either on-site or remotely – to help our clients and increase your revenue and opportunities.

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