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4 min read

How does remote simultaneous interpretation work?

By Markus Aregger on August 29, 2022

How does remote simultaneous interpretation work<” is a question we’re often asked.

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4 min read

Types of interpretation you need to know

By Patricia Magaz on August 22, 2022

Language interpretation is the act of rendering, verbally or signed, a message in a source language into a target language. The fact that it is done verbally is what differentiates interpretation from translation. In translation, messages are written in the target language, while in interpretation, they are spoken or signed.

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6 min read

Remote interpreting – What you need to know

By Patricia Magaz on March 3, 2022

The International Organization for Standarization (ISO) defines interpreting as "rendering of spoken or signed information from a source language to a target language in oral or signed form, conveying both the register and meaning of the source language content". Add "remote" to this definition and it then seems obvious that we are referring to the act of interpreting in the distance but, is there only one way of doing it? and, where is it used?

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Interpreter meets Head of Development | Interprefiers take the floor - Episode #9

By Patricia Magaz on January 28, 2022

Interprefiers Take the Floor is now available on your preferred podcast directory.

Listen and download the podcast below:



Available for download on:

Antje Bormann is an experienced German interpreter who wanted to be a nurse until she discovered her skills for languages and how much she enjoyed shadowing speeches. 
In this interview, Antje meets João Garcia, Head of Development at Interprefy, to talk about the interpreter's user experience on the Interprefy RSI platform and how that impacts product development. 
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7 min read

What are the benefits of remote simultaneous interpretation?

By Patricia Magaz on January 21, 2022

Conference interpreting hasn't changed much since 1945 - but it has definitely undergone a seismic shift since 2020. With the majority of events being canceled or moved online because of social distancing, interpreters had to adapt quickly to not miss out on interpreting opportunities. Fortunately, Remote Simultaneous Interpretation technology already existed and those who adopted the technology could resume work successfully.

Topics: Remote Simultaneous Interpretation benefits
4 min read

How can RSI support hybrid events?

By Patricia Magaz on January 19, 2022

Sourcing an accurate and clear language interpretation solution is essential to delivering high-quality multilingual hybrid events. But finding the right solution can be a challenge, especially as interpretation needs to be provided for both on-site and virtual attendees. This logistical hurdle is multiplied by the number of languages that require interpretation.

Many hybrid event organisers have turned to Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) technology to solve this problem. But is RSI a good fit for your hybrid event? Let’s compare RSI with traditional interpretation before exploring how RSI fits into the hybrid event landscape.

Topics: Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Hybrid Events
3 min read

Localising Event Experiences Is key to Scaling Into New Regions

By Patricia Magaz on January 12, 2022

The shift toward digital experiences and virtual events has created an opportunity for businesses to expand into new markets and reach audiences at scale. While expansion is key to business growth, it’s a challenging process that requires localising your content to fit with different multinational audiences.

Topics: Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Seminars & Workshops ON24 Multilingual Web Conferencing Webinars Businesses
4 min read

6 ways to level up your online events

By Patricia Magaz on November 10, 2021

Consumers have recently undergone a dramatic shift in expectations. Now more and more consumers expect top digital experiences. Organisations are scrambling to update their offerings and the events industry is no different. But as McKinsey research shows, companies only have a short transition period before we settle into the “new normal.”

So what will online events look like under the “new normal?” In his new book, Reinventing Live, entrepreneur and events expert Marco Giberti predicts that online events will become significantly more sophisticated. He writes that “Post-Covid virtual events and webinars will be unrecognizable. It will be like comparing traditional TV with streaming.”

Soon, planners will no longer be able to get away with unprofessional events that “look like a bad video call.” Along with these shifts in customer expectations, event planners face another challenge that impacts event success: Zoom fatigue.

With the rise of remote working, viewers are spending more and more time in online meetings. This can be exhausting and can impact your audience’s drive to attend virtual events. After a long day at work, who wants to spend more time in front of their laptop?

To adapt to the new normal and overcome Zoom fatigue, event planners need to create engaging virtual experiences that win viewer attention. Drawing on some of the best recent online events, we’ve put together six key steps to improving your online events. Let’s dive in.

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4 min read

4 common mistakes to avoid in multilingual online conferences

By Patricia Magaz on October 21, 2021

The new norm of global web conferencing has made it as easy as never before to connect with global peers and audiences. But when it comes to hosting multilingual conferences online, there are a few common rookie mistakes, that can stand in the way of your success.

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