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How we ensure a seamless interpreting experience for event organisers your audience interpreters you

We're a team of remote interpreting and multilingual event experts, spread across five continents and 29 countries. We'll guide you every step of the way to make sure your multilingual meetings are a seamless success. 

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How we remove language barriers from all meetings and events

Simultaneous interpreting used to be an expensive and exclusive service that only large international and government organisations could afford.

We democratise simultaneous interpretation by making it a service available for everybody: NGOs, associations and even SMEs.

Interprefy Project Manager
Before the event

We connect all the dots

  • We establish your event setup and needs and allocate the best multilingual solution for your needs.
  • We match you with the right pro-interpreters for your language combinations and subject area.
  • We provide platform and process training for your interpreter teams, AV technicians, and delegates.
  • We connect your event tech setup with our cloud-based RSI platform.


Interprefy Remote Support Technician
During the event

You have our undivided attention...

  • Before the event begins, our remote support technicians and interpreters join the event to perform a soundcheck.
  • We monitor your event remotely to make sure we're the first ones to know if something's off.
  • Our technicians maintain a direct line with the interpreters throughout the event.
  • Did you know? We're also ready to come to your venue and support you on-site.
Interprefy Interpreter
During the event

... while interpreters translate your message without skipping a beat

  • Interpreters work remotely from the Interprefy soft console or from a hard console at your venue.
  • The assigned interpreters for your language combinations work in pairs, passing on the mic every 15-20 minutes.
Interprefy Delegate
During the event

... and your delegates connect in their own language

  • Your delegates at the venue:
    Listen to the remote interpreting on the Interprefy mobile app or using traditional radio/IR headphones.
  • Your remote delegates:
    Join the event on your chosen video conferencing platform and listen to real-time interpreting from an integrated dropdown language selector.
Interprefy Reporting
After the event

We help you extend your events' impact

  • We send you the streaming analytics of all interpretation channels to help you plan for your next event.
  • If you asked us to hit record, we'll send you the required event recordings, audio files, srt files, transcripts etc, so you can make your event content available on-demand.

"The ease with which Interprefy connected our teams was phenomenal and we wouldn’t have been able to quickly set ourselves up for success without them."

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Rhonda Bennetto
Senior Vice President of Investor Relations & Communications, UCT
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"The delivery of remote press conferences at UEFA EURO 2020 was a significant logistical and operational challenge. It was vital to have highly experienced, adaptable and reliable partners such as Interprefy to ensure a high level of service to the accredited media and broadcasters"

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Andrin Cooper
Senior Media Services and Operations Manager, UEFA
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"The fact that Interprefy managed to come on board and enable remote interpretation within two weeks is simply amazing. The whole process from quotation to execution was extremely fast, straightforward and well-coordinated."

Isabelle Bang
Senior Congress Manager, GlaxoSmithKline
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"Interprefy is an effective and practical ally at the service of companies. Thanks to Interprefy, we ensured the success of Directorate meetings and our annual convention."

Luis Vargas
Communications Committee Director, WBA
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"I would like to thank you for all the support you provided to make our meetings a success. Your support in planning and executing the meeting was invaluable. The flexibility, reliability, technical knowledge, and professionalism of you and your team were outstanding and we look forward to working with you again in the future."

interprefy client testimonials
Dr. David Agnew
Executive Secretary, CCAMLR

"In early 2020 – amidst the COVID-19 outbreak – we had to host an online event for more than 250 participants in 6 languages. It was the largest project we ever worked on. We thought that our speakers would have to work from their offices (as doing so would provide them with the equipment they needed) but Interprefy solved that problem. With Interprefy, our speakers were able to work from their homes using their own WiFi and headsets – no specialist equipment or technical support required!"

Chris Daunt
IT Manager, PSI
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