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Simultaneous interpretation and translation solutions for meetings and events

With Interprefy's multilingual meeting and event solutions, you can listen and engage in your own language. We provide real-time interpreting by professional interpreters and AI translated speech and captions for any online, on-site, or hybrid event.

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Delivering better multilingual events for everyone

Facilitate multilingual conversations

Make sure everyone can understand and be understood through real-time interpreting.

Enhance inclusivity & accessibility

 Ensure everyone can follow with multilingual live captioning.

Expand your event reach

Make your events available in more languages to reach a wider audience.

Standalone or integrated - interprefy any meeting or event

Whether you're on the lookout for a turnkey multilingual conferencing solution or looking to add remote simultaneous interpretation, AI-translated speech and captions to your existing tech stack - We can help you. 

Interprefy Select

Add real-time interpretation from professional interpreters or AI-translated speech and captions powered by AI to your tried-and-trusted meeting, streaming, or event platform.

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Interprefy Connect Pro

The multilingual all-in-one web conferencing platform that brings professional interpreters and AI-powered speech and captions to your online and hybrid sessions.

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Interprefy Connect

The all-in-one multilingual meeting platform that brings conference interpreters and AI captions into your business meetings.

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Interprefy Event Pro

A powerful toolbox for AV technicians at in-person events looking to scale up their interpreting solution. 

Professional Services

The support you need to secure a seamless multilingual meeting experience.

How we work

Top use cases for remote interpreting and event translation

Online meetings

Host your meetings and events online and facilitate meaningful conversations by allowing everyone to join in a language they're proficient in. Interprefy provides both stand-alone multilingual web conferencing software, as well as integrates with your selected video conferencing platform.

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Interprefy live translation for meetings

In-person & hybrid events

Connect multiple event locations, deliver content in multiple languages, and connect remote participants, wherever, whenever. On-site participants access live interpreting on the Interprefy mobile app, while your virtual attendees can benefit from Interprefy's integration into leading virtual event platforms.

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Interprefy live translation for hybrid events

Webinars & Virtual Events

Boost your webinar and virtual event reach and tailor your content to new markets by providing live interpretation from professional conference interpreters on the webinar platform of your choice. From ON24 to Notified, and Hopin - we partner and integrate with the leading webinar platforms.

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Interprefy live translation for webinars

Training sessions

At training sessions, seminars and workshops, important know-how is conveyed. The participants might have a certain understanding of the presenter’s language, but only interpreting into their mother tongue will assure a correct understanding of the matter discussed.

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live translation for training sessions

Town Halls

Connect your global staff base across continents, cultures and languages. Flexibly add interpreting and closed captions to your hybrid or virtual town halls to make sure your carefully crafted messages don't get lost in translation.

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town hall meeting translation

Governmental sessions

Trusted by leading (inter-) governmental organisations across the globe, we can integrate with existing, on-site hardware to host hybrid meetings, and save on resources. Benefit from the highest ISO-certified security standards and features.

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Cloud-based technology for meetings in multiple languages

We help global businesses, institutions, NGOs and even SMEs to reach global audiences and facilitate truly multilingual conversations.

Our powerful combination of cloud-based Remote Simultaneous Interpretation technology (RSI) and world-class support makes it easy to add real-time interpretation from vetted pro interpreters and AI-powered live captions to any hybrid, on-site or in-person event.

What's inside our RSI platform

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Why choose Interprefy?

A pioneer in remote interpreting since 2014, we provide the highest resilience, security, flexibility, and support to create seamless multilingual meeting experiences.


Trusted by leading institutions

The scalability and flexibility of our solution has benefitted over 50,000 multilingual events for many of the world's leading institutions, NGOs, and businesses.


Security at the core

We keep your meetings safe, resilient, and secure. We are ISO 27001-certified and provide a range of security features from encrypted streaming to Active Directory.


Dedicated support

Our project and support teams assist you at every step of the way and keep a close eye on the performance of your event.


Unmatched scalability

From intimate Zoom meetings to connecting astronauts to a world expo - our technology can accommodate even the most unique events. 

"The delivery of remote press conferences at UEFA EURO 2020 was a significant challenge. It was vital to have highly experienced, adaptable and reliable partners such as Interprefy to ensure a high level of service to the accredited media and broadcasters."

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Andrin Cooper
Senior Media Services & Operations Manager, UEFA
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"The ease with which Interprefy connected our teams was phenomenal and we wouldn’t have been able to quickly set ourselves up for success without them. The customer experience and behind-the-scenes support were extraordinary."

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Rhonda Bennetto
Senior VP of Investor Relations & Communications, UCT
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"The fact that Interprefy managed to come on board and enable remote interpretation within two weeks is simply amazing. The whole process from quotation to execution was extremely fast, straightforward and well-coordinated."

Isabelle Bang
Senior Congress Manager, GlaxoSmithKline
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"Interprefy is an effective and practical ally at the service of companies. Thanks to Interprefy, we ensured the success of Directorate meetings and our annual convention."

Luis Vargas
Communications Committee Director, WBA
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