Live captioning and translated subtitles for events that matter.

We can help make your virtual and live events accessible, inclusive and multilingual, providing your audience with highly accurate, AI-powered, and human-enhanced live captions and real-time translated subtitles.

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Captions can be a game-changer for your events.

Captioning is on the rise: Did you know that more than 80% of Netflix members regularly use closed captions or subtitles? Better engagement, comprehension and accessibility are not the only benefits live captioning and subtitling can bring to your events.
How can captions benefit your events?
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Remove communication barriers
with live captioning and subtitling

We help organisations remove language and communication barriers with automatic and live-translated closed captioning. Interprefy captions are a visual aid that allows you to follow your conversations and live content - on any event platform.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Captions

Combining our human glossary curation with best-in-class speech-to-text technology, we can transcribe your meetings and live events in real-time, while ensuring the highest accuracy.

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AI-Translated Live Captions & Subtitles

Add real-time automatic translated captions and subtitles to your event, to make sure everyone can understand. Over 100 language combinations available.

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Why Interprefy Captions?

We help you create a more engaging, memorable, inclusive and accessible event experience for everyone. 


AI and human options

Turn live interpretation into automatic captions, add machine-translated live captions, or assign a professional captionist.


Glossary function

Elevate captions accuracy by preloading the system with context-specific acronyms, terms, and names to cater to your event-specific jargon.


High compatibility

We integrate with over 60 of the leading meeting and streaming platforms, to enable language access anywhere.


Linguistic support

Receive professional support from trained and vetted linguists in setting up a glossary for your event.

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