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Make your events accessible for everyone with live closed captioning

Remarkably precise AI-powered live captions in your audiences' language. Live and translated captions to guarantee that your event's content is accessible for everyone.

live captioning for events

Captions and subtitles benefit everyone

An essential aid for many people to follow video content, especially if they have hearing impairments, if other distractions compete for their attention or if they don't speak the language.


15% of American adults report issues hearing

Make your events more accessible and inclusive by including a visual aid of what's being said.

Source: NICD


31% would attend more live events with captions

According to studies, up to 45% of younger people would attend more live events if they had captions.

Source: Stagetext/Sapio Research


Captions improve understanding and memory

More than 100 studies show that captioning a video improves comprehension of, attention to, and memory for the video.

Source: NIH


Only 17% understand English

Reach global audiences by making your content available in more languages.

Source: Statista


Get transcribed footage from live events

Maximize the life and impact of your events by combining on-demand video recordings with captions.

Younger viewers use subtitles in 4 out of 5 cases

The way we watch video content is evolving. Today 85% of Facebook videos are watched on mute and 80% of Netflix users regularly use captions.

Source: Digiday, BBC

Suitable for both online and in-person events

For in-person audiences

Stream captions live on stage or let your audience see them on their phones in the language they prefer.

For online audiences

Stream captions anywhere: to over 70 meeting and event platforms, to people's phones, or to a live feed URL.

Boost comprehension in any language

Automatic captioning

Transcribe speech automatically and in real-time.

AI-translated captioning

Translate speech automatically and in real-time.

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Managed Services

Enjoy a worry-free experience

Benefit from having dedicated project management, live monitoring, and technical support to ensure a seamless, trouble-free event experience for everyone.

100+ language combinations

Access the world's most spoken languages and more

Automatically transcribe speech from over 30 languages and even translate speech in over 100 language combinations to help you overcome language barriers across the globe.

AI Benchmarking

Use the best AI technology on the market

Not every engine provides equal results. Because we continuously benchmark the leading engines available on the market, you can rest assured you're using the best-performing engine for each language combination.

Engine Optimisation

Refine world-class AI engines to match your unique terminology

Make sure even hard-to-catch, but crucial words like your speaker names, brand names, technical terms, and abbreviations are recognised by AI. We optimise the speech-to-text engine to get your terminology right.

live captions for online meetings

Stream live captions anywhere

Enjoy the freedom to broadcast captions to any of the more than 70 event and meeting platforms that Interprefy integrates with - including Zoom, Teams, YouTube, or even your auditorium, no matter where you meet.

closed captions for videos (2)
Closed captions for on-demand videos

Expand your event impact beyond live

To make your video recordings available and accessible after the event and even to improve your SEO, add closed captioning files to your on-demand videos.

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