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Download the Interprefy mobile app

Use the links below to download the Interprefy mobile app on your smartphone. Enter your event access token, and enjoy the session with real-time interpreting in your language.

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Direct download for all other devices → APK file

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Frequently Asked Questions

The app asks me to enter a token. Where can I find my token?

In order to access interpretation and/or multi-language captioning during your live session, you will be required to enter an event access token.

The access token will be provided to you by your meeting organiser. If you can't locate your token, please reach out to the meeting organiser.

Does the app work in China?

Yes, the Interprefy mobile app can be downloaded for users accessing your sessions from China, using the download link in the header of this page.

How do I use the Interprefy mobile app?

The usage is very simple, with an intuitive user interface design.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Download and install the Interprefy app from the app store.
  2. Plug in your earphones or headset, click «ok».
  3. Enter the event token, click «connect».
  4. If Two-factor authentication is active:
    1. Enter your registered email address or mobile phone number (format: +41 79 1234567) to receive a verification code.
    2. Enter the verification code that you have received either via email or text message (SMS) and click "submit".
  5.  Select your preferred audio language.
  6. After your session is finished, click "disconnect" to leave the session.

Click here to read the full user guide.

What is Interprefy?

Interprefy is a global leader in simultaneous interpretation technology and services. We provide the flexibility and support required to remove language barriers from any professional conference, meeting, or event.


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Looking to remove language barriers at your next event?

Planning an international conference, business meeting, or event? Let our experts guide you through the process of effortlessly breaking down language barriers. Reach out to us today to learn more.