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How pharma and life science companies can run accurate multilingual events

By Patricia Magaz on July 5, 2023

Medical innovation thrives on multinational collaboration and knowledge sharing. Within the medical and pharma industry, multilingual events play a key role in facilitating conversations, enhancing scientific knowledge, and fostering partnerships between industry players. 

As global events, language accuracy is vital for accommodating a diverse range of stakeholders including researchers, scientists, healthcare professionals, investors, and regulatory authorities. At the same time, inaccurate translation of technical and scientific terms creates an event experience that is as frustrating for the speaker as it is for the audience. Even worse, translation issues can lead to miscommunication, potentially leaving event attendees misinformed on the latest developments. Within such a stringently regulated industry, this can have severe legal implications. Especially as multilingual events are essential for ensuring compliance with local regulations, as well as facilitating effective communication between regulators and industry professionals across different countries.

In this article, we briefly unpack the challenges and benefits of hosting multilingual events before exploring steps that pharma and life science companies can take to source the right language interpretation solution. One that leads to successful, stress-free, and accurate multilingual events. 

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