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Interprefy Mobile App

Live translation on your attendees' phones

Our app delivers professional interpretation, live multilingual captions, and AI speech translation to your attendees' phones so you can boost your events reach and engagement anywhere.

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Simplify language access at meetings and events

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Provide live translation

You can book professional remote simultaneous interpretation, AI-powered speech translation, or both for your events and your attendees can follow on their mobiles with our  app. 

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Enhance inclusivity

Interprefy mobile app allows you to add another layer of accessibility to your event with multilingual captions powered by Interprefy AI. Displayed directly on your attendees' mobile phones. 

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Remove hardware
Say goodbye to the hassle of renting equipment and managing the distribution and return of traditional radio receivers. Attendees will have live translation straight in their phones. 

Why use the Interprefy mobile app

Scalability and flexibility are at the core of Interprefy mobile app. Discover why over 500,000 people use the Interprefy mobile app. 


Built for scalability

Unlike tradicional radio receivers, the Interprefy mobile app can support any number of languages at the same event. Sudden increase in attendance? Acquiring extra equipment is a thing of the past. 


Unlimited reach

Wherever your attendees are, our app ensures they remain engaged, even beyond the confines of your event space.


Reduced logistics

Forget about renting equipment and handling the process of issuing and returns. Every attendee will bring their phone so you'll never have hardware shortage. 


Reduced costs

By eliminating the need for traditional radio receivers, you not only cut down on expenses but also minimise the risk of hardware loss or incurring costs due to damage.



Improved sound quality

Experience studio sound quality. 16-bit, 48kHz sampling rate for crystal-clear sound.

User-friendly design

The app allows users to change the language they listen and read in at will, scroll back through captions and even read and listen in different languages. 

Unlock global opportunities

83% of the world doesn't understand English. Let your audience listen and read in their own language on their phones with Interprefy language solutions delivered through the Interprefy mobile app.

Simultaneous interpretation

Bring spoken or signed interpretation from professional interpreters working remotely (RSI) to your meetings and events on your attendees' mobile phones.

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Live captions and subtitles

Make your meetings more accessible using world-class AI-powered captioning in over 80 languages directly on your attendees' phones.

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Real-time AI speech translation

Engage with global event attendees using cutting-edge AI technology that provides real-time translated speech.


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How the Interprefy mobile app works

Deliver any Interprefy language solution to your attendees' mobile phones. 

Step 1

Purchase an Interprefy language solution

Reach out to our Sales team to book remote simultaneous interpretation, AI speech translation, or multilingual captions by Interprefy for your meeting or event. 

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Step 2

Install the Interprefy app

Download and install the Interprefy app from the app store. The app is available for iOS and Android. 

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Step 3

Enter your event token

Input the token provided by the event organiser and click connect.

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Step 4

Check available language options

The available language options for your event-audio translation, or captions, or both- will display on your phone. 

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Step 5

Select your preferred language

Click on the headphone icon to select your preferred audio language. Click on the cc icon to select your preferred captioning language. 

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Step 6

Enjoy live audio translation and live captions

Every participant can listen and speak in the language of their choice through their phones or headsets. Live subtitles will also display on the screen. 

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Request a demo today

Allow your audience to read and listen in their own language with their phones and Interprefy mobile app. 

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