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    Changing interpreting, one event at a time

    Simultaneous and conference interpreting hasn't changed much since 1945 – but we're on a mission to change that with our translation services and remote simultaneous interpreting delivered via our platform.

    Simultaneous interpreting used to be an expensive and exclusive service that only large international and government organisations could afford. Interprefy has democratised simultaneous interpretation by making it a service available for everybody: SMEs, associations and even NGOs.

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    Transforming events across the globe

    Our main objective is to remove barriers and borders through our technology, enabling people across the world to communicate. We – and our partners – live and work remotely in various countries across the world, helping our clients to scale their events and access diverse audiences.


    Break down barriers

    Through cloud-based remote interpreting, we’re breaking down communication barriers, enabling diverse audiences to participate in amazing events.


    Connect people

    We’re all about using our technology to connect people across the globe, enabling them to listen to content at events in their language, wherever, whenever.


    Unlimited number of languages

    With our remote interpreting platform event organisers now have the capability to utilise interpreters from anywhere in the world and offer more languages.


    Enhance any event

    We make events more accessible, diverse and relatable by enabling event organisers to deliver content in various languages and on any third-party web conferencing or virtual events platform you select.

    Our history and why we developed a remote interpreting platform

    We want to break down language barriers and facilitate communication across borders, and to that end we are passionate about building the world’s best platform for remote simultaneous interpretation.

    Every member of our team loves what they do and we encourage each other to take initiative, to develop and present ideas on how to improve our products. This enables us to better serve our clients and partners, as well as achieve our goal to become the global standard for RSI platforms. 

    Meet the team

    We’re a diverse group on a shared mission to connect people of all nationalities and backgrounds through simultaneous interpreting. 

    Interprefy is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, but we also have representatives in Bangkok, Belgrade, Chicago, Hong Kong, Singapore, Geneva, Bordeaux, and Manilla.

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    Meet the team

    Turn your events into something more with Interprefy

    Delivered in-app

    Interprefy enables attendees to listen to content in crystal-clear audio via their own devices – be it on desktop, laptop or a mobile phone – and in their language of choice, anywhere, anytime.

    This capability also enables attendees to participate in events from work or home, eliminating the need for them to attend in person. 

    With Interprefy, you can bring your events to wider and perhaps even new audiences!

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    Add live interpreting to your selected events platform

    While most RSI platforms operate a standalone video conferencing platform, we go one step further, by delivering real-time interpretation to your events held on any third-party video conferencing or virtual events platform.

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    No limits

    As a cloud-based solution, Interprefy needs no equipment on site (making it easy for you to host events at short notice) and allows thousands of attendees to participate.

    Whatever your requirements, the Interprefy platform can be scaled up or down to meet your needs. We also provide several on-site options to ensure your content can be delivered in the most ideal format. 

    Say goodbye to configuring and renting old fashioned interpretation equipment on-site.

    Simultaneous Interpretation App


    Despite needing no equipment – Interprefy is recognised as one of the best remote interpretation platforms on the market. 

    Our patented Swiss technology features high-definition audio and video for all participants, advanced security to ensure only authorised speakers and attendees can access the platform, integrations to allow use alongside other online meeting platforms, automatic captions for real-time speech and a host of other features.


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    The Interprefy Platform is designed to be hassle-free. It requires no equipment or technical configuration onsite, so you can spend more time organising your event and finding the best speakers. 

    If there are any issues, our technical team are on hand 24/7 to provide support during the event – we also work with several technical providers who can help with sourcing, deploying and configuring specific equipment.


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    Show your attendees you care

    The Interprefy remote interpretation platform and associated services are designed for events of any format and size.

    Our technologies and services enable you to seamlessly deliver content in any language to large audiences – regardless of device – and with crystal-clear audio.

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    “When I worked in business development at Swiss Post, I saw how many events required interpreting services. The technology was outdated, and the proprietary equipment was both cumbersome to transport and expensive to rent. I reckoned that — in a similar way to other communication services — simultaneous interpreting could be dramatically improved through standard IT hardware and by implementing state-of-the-art Internet and smartphone technologies.”

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    Kim Ludvigsen
    Founder & Vice Chairman of the Board at Interprefy