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Simultaneous interpretation for Zoom meetings

Elevate your multilingual Zoom meetings with our professional interpretation services and cutting-edge interpreting software.

Zoom language interpretation

Take your Zoom meetings to global heights

Reach global webinar audiences
Host inclusive and accessible meetings
Create understanding across borders

Interprefy + Zoom = ♥ meeting success

Relax and let us take care of everything. We'll handpick the best conference interpreters and handle all the details, including flawless technical setup and expert support from start to finish.
Zoom meeting with interpretation

Why industry-leaders choose Interprefy


Best-rated interpreting software

Interpreters seamlessly work across various languages, engaging with virtual booth partners and support technicians.



24/7 global support

A dedicated professional service team takes care of the set-up, sound-checking and monitoring throughout the event.

Reason 6

Stunning audio quality

Enjoy crystal-clear 64 kbps audio streaming with near-zero latency, encrypted to the highest security standards.

Reason 5

Language and subject experts

Over 6,000 vetted professional expert interpreters for any language or subject area.
climate summit

How the White House connected 40 global leaders in Zoom

Our Zoom meetings unite participants worldwide, including The White House Summit on Climate Change. Our team utilizes Interprefy's RSI technology to facilitate seamless multi-lingual dialogues among 40 global leaders and their interpreters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book interpreters through Interprefy?

No, we can either help you find interpreters or train your trusted interpreter team.

How does it work?

1. Interpreters work on the Interprefy interpreting soft console, receiving the Zoom video and audio feed.

2. The live interpretation audio will be streamed into the Zoom interpretation language channels.

3. Your Zoom meeting participants can listen to real-time interpretation directly in Zoom, by selecting their preferred language channel.

Can you source expert interpreters for the life sciences industry?
Yes, we are partnering with leading global Language Service Providers to source interpreters with expert knowledge in specific topic areas.
Language interpretation zoom

Ready to remove language barriers in Zoom?

Drop us a line and our experts will help you remove language barriers in Zoom.

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