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10 min read

Live translation options for Zoom: interpretation and translated captions

You're hosting a business meeting, town hall, or webinar on Zoom, but not everyone joining speaks the same language....

4 min read

Web conferencing with live language translation: options and cost

It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago most events were not fully capable of reaching large multinational...

4 min read

5 Benefits of live language translation for marketing events

With the rise of online video conferencing technology, it has become easier for brands to create events that can reach...

9 min read

3 ways to add language interpretation to your Microsoft Teams meetings

Microsoft Teams is a compelling choice for people looking to organise a remote meeting. For many users it is the...

4 min read

How does remote simultaneous interpretation work?

How does remote simultaneous interpretation work<” is a question we’re often asked.

Having interpreters work remotely...

4 min read

Types of interpretation you need to know

Language interpretation is the act of rendering, verbally or signed, a message in a source language into a target...

4 min read

Remote simultaneous interpretation: 3 on-site and hybrid scenarios

A hybrid event combines in-person and online elements. In other words, an in-person event that has speakers, attendees...

9 min read

Audio compression in RSI demystified by audio engineer Richard Schiller

We have uploaded this article to our Interprefied podcast and is now available on your preferred podcast directory.


4 min read

How much does Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) cost?

Unlike traditional event spaces where interpreters are visible on-site, the work that goes into Remote Simultaneous...

1 min read

Interprefiers take the floor - Episode 13

Interprefiers Take the Floor is now available on your preferred podcast directory.

Listen and download the podcast...

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