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9 min read

Interpreters share their biggest linguistic challenges

The beauty of language diversity is also the source of many challenges, especially when interpreters are faced with...

5 min read

6 Incredible Benefits of Hybrid Events

"Hybrid event" may well be the word of the year within the event industry. Having become the talk of town, the concept...

6 min read

What is a hybrid event and how do I get started?

Since March last year, most events had to pivot toward a virtual-only model. And despite event planners having to...

5 min read

Virtual Town Hall Meetings: 10 Easy Tips to Drive Inclusivity and Engagement

This article was originally published at runningremote.com

Even though remote working has provided greater flexibility,...

13 min read

20+ event platforms that now offer an integrated live interpretation experience

One year into the new brave world of virtual conferencing, the appetite for virtual events does not seem to slow down....

6 min read

How to set up multilingual webinars on any meeting platform

In just months, the global landscape has changed dramatically, with almost every sector having to pivot to digital...

5 min read

Effective tips & tactics to promote your online multilingual events

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the events industry status quo. And for companies to survive and thrive in our ‘new...

5 min read

How to set up Interprefy for virtual and hybrid conferences

The events industry is in uncharted territory. With many conferences having to pivot to the virtual environment in the...

6 min read

Tools, tactics & features to drive online event engagement

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a key driver in the rapid adoption of virtual environments. 

This is not to say that...

4 min read

5 things you can learn from 2020’s best online events

Up until recently, online events were considered a last resort for event professionals. Mainstream digital experiences...