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3 min read

Why you should consider adding live captions and subtitles to your next event

What do Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and YouTube have in common? Without a doubt they are some of the leading...

6 min read

Captions vs subtitles - what is the difference?

Whether you are a content creator, event manager, meeting organiser, or busy professional, adding subtitles or closed...

2 min read

Interprefiers take the floor: April special edition

Interprefiers Take the Floor is now available on your preferred podcast directory.

Listen and download the podcast...

5 min read

Remote interpreting for on-site events: back to the future

For nearly two years now event and meeting organisers worldwide have been trying out new and creative ways to take...

5 min read

How is the metaverse changing the event industry?

Most events are, at their core, about connecting people with a shared, valuable experience. From roaring fans at a...

6 min read

The virtual event data security checklist

Thanks to modern technologies, it’s easier than ever for businesses to deliver meetings, webinars, and events via the...

6 min read

Rethinking event success: How event performance metrics are changing for the better

Many consider Cleopatra to be the first recorded event planner in history. She knew the value of bringing people...

15 min read

60+ event platforms that now offer an integrated live translation experience

The appetite for virtual events does not seem to slow down. According to marketwatch.com the year-over-year growth rate...

4 min read

How to successfully host multilingual business meetings

When holding meetings with partners, customers, suppliers, or peers across multiple countries, language can often pose...

10 min read

Interprefy celebrates International Women's Day to #BreakTheBias for women in tech

There is little doubt that there's a gender gap in today's world. In its Global Gender Gap Report 2021, The World...