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5 min read

How COVID-19 has changed the world of translation & interpretation

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world irrevocably, forcing almost every industry to rapidly adopt online...

1 min read

AIIC’s Guide To The Best Headsets for RSI Interpreters & Participants

Addressing the growing demand in hybrid and online conferencing tools, the AIIC Technical And Health Committee has...

6 min read

Guide to getting the most out of virtual conference platforms

In light of the challenges presented by COVID-19, more and more events are taking place online.

Thanks to modern...

5 min read

Tips on how to make your online events more engaging for your audience

When it comes to assessing the success of an event, a key variable to consider is audience engagement. Opinions,...

4 min read

Improving the diversity and inclusion of your online event

As a result of COVID-19, events and conferences across the globe are being cancelled en masses to help mitigate the...

4 min read

Can conferences go ahead despite the threat of the Coronavirus?

As an industry that relies upon travel and thrives on face-to-face interactions (conferences, seminars and talks), the...

3 min read

Why conference engagement won't be enough in 2020

I was on a flight from Barcelona to London recently and found myself contemplating the predicament event organisers...

8 min read

How does remote simultaneous interpretation work?

How does remote simultaneous interpretation work” is a question we’re often asked. 

Having interpreters work...

5 min read

How to reduce an event’s carbon footprint with interpretation technology

If you have an upcoming conference, meeting or event, see how you can reduce its carbon footprint using interpretation...

7 min read

Interpreter profile: Patrick Lehner

In this interpreter profile, Patrick Lehner discusses his experiences, how remote simultaneous interpreting has helped...