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Your go-to place for event management, planning and interpreter resources and information

With events going digital, hybrid and back on-site we recognise just how hard it is for event managers, planners and interpreters today to keep up with developments to leverage new, modern technologies. 

Here in our resource library you’ll find all the event management, planning and interpreter resources you need to not only ensure your online events are successful, but also improve your skills and awareness as an events specialist.

eBook Hybrid event planning eBook

Hybrid event planning guide

This eBook offers a comprehensive guide to planning dynamic hybrid events. It includes cutting-edge strategies for combining in-person and virtual elements, insider tips for engaging a diverse, global audience, and real-world case studies from successful events.

Webinar Unlocking global conversations AI speech translation for businesses-1

Unlocking global conversations: AI speech translation for businesses

In this webinar, we provide you with a firsthand experience of our innovative two-way AI speech translation feature.

eBook Eco-friendly event planning guide

Eco-friendly event planning guide

In this eBook, we explore the latest insights on event sustainability and highlight how event managers can reduce their carbon footprint. Let’s dive in.

Webinar Interprefy Aivia Webinar

Meet Interprefy Aivia - Your next-generation AI event translator

In this webinar, we introduce you to Interprefy Aivia. Showcasing the benefits and transformative potential of incorporating AI-driven speech translation into events.

Webinar webinar interprefy

Webinar trends 2023: Language access

Livestorm and Interprefy share their solutions to address the non-native speakers with your webinars. Make them more comprehensive: language access and live translations.

Webinar landing page for webinar to scale interpreting business

Scaling your interpreting business as a language service provider

In this webinar, we'll talk to industry experts to learn how they are leveraging remote simultaneous interpretation technology to scale up their businesses.

Webinar Interprefy | Zuddl

Drive inclusivity with multilingual events

In this webinar, we explore how technology plays a big role in enabling B2B marketers to craft impactful multilingual events that not only help create leads but also drive value for attendees.

Guide Resource listing preview_Guide for speakers with simultaneous interpretation

Guide for speakers with simultaneous interpretation

A comprehensive guide and checklist to prepare for your meeting, where you will be live-interpreted by a conference interpreter.

Webinar Webinar_on-site events key visual_preview-min

Simplifying language access at on-site events

Joined by Oliver Hall from Ubiqus UK and Becky Eydes from Jack Morton Worldwide, in this webinar we'll take a deep dive into how event organisers can simplify language access at their on-site conferences.

eBook Guide to remote interpreting solutions | Interprefy

The Buyer's Guide to Remote Interpreting Solutions

In this ebook, we explore the key things you need to evaluate when selecting your remote interpretation provider.

Webinar Interprefy Sustainability Webinar

Returning to more eco-friendly on-site events.

In this webinar, we will be discussing a current topic in the events industry today. As we thankfully see the gradual return of on-site events around the world, a pressing issue is sustainability and being environmentally, or eco-friendly in our approach to hosting a live, on-site event.

Webinar Blog Header (10)

How can the Metaverse support inclusivity through language?

In this interactive webinar, held inside the metaverse, we discuss the metaverse and its global opportunities.

eBook eBook 1-1

Key Event Management Trends 2022

What does the events landscape look like in 2022? We have surveyed over 100 event industry experts on their outlook and predictions for 2022.

Webinar Resource listing preview_automatic captions-does AI need a human touch

Captions - Does AI need the human touch?

Watch on demand: Join us as we talk about the state of live captioning today, and how the human touch can take AI-generated captions to new heights.

eBook Remote and hybrid event planning – 1

Remote and Hybrid Event Planning

The events industry has undergone a transformational shift, with businesses and organisers having to take their events online. Download our latest eBook to find out all you need to know about remote and hybrid event planning in 2021 and beyond.

Guide event7

The Ultimate Guide to Multilingual Event Planning

Planning events for people across multiple locations, cultures and timezones can be tricky. With this guide, we want to take some weight off your sholders and help get into multilingual event planning at ease.

Guide RSI interpreter-min

The Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) Guide

What is Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI), how does it work and where can it be used? Read our Guide to find out everything you need to know about RSI.

eBook Evaluating RSI Service Providers-2

The Best Online Event Platforms & Evaluating RSI Providers

As events move online to benefit from modern technologies, how can those accustomed to planning offline events choose the right tools for the job? Our eBook takes a look at the best online event platforms and what to look out for.


Key Event Management Trends in 2020

Aided by technology and pressured by expectations, events are becoming more digital, diverse and sustainable. But are you equipped to deliver? In our eBook, we look at the trends defining event management in 2020 and what you can do to prepare.

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