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6 min read

Virtual sales kick-off meetings for global teams

By Patricia Magaz on November 7, 2022

Going into the new year, hosting a sales kickoff (SKO) is a great opportunity to rally your sales and marketing organization around your latest company strategies, plans, and best practices. 

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4 min read

5 Benefits of live language translation for marketing events

By Patricia Magaz on September 14, 2022

With the rise of online video conferencing technology, it has become easier for brands to create events that can reach large, multi-national audiences. But reaching new listeners isn’t the same as getting through to them. For that, you need to be able to speak their language.

Language is a major barrier when organising an inclusive virtual event. There are many types of translation services available, including: real-time AI translation, interpreting technology, and written translation such as captions and subtitles. However, it can be difficult to choose a service that best fits the needs of your event. This article explores why adding web conferencing with language translation to events is key to driving meaningful brand engagement.

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