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6 reasons (with data) why your business needs live translation

By Patricia Magaz on February 9, 2024

For many businesses, expanding into new markets is the key to growth. However, as you move into other regions, partner with suppliers, and draw from the global talent pool, language barriers will undoubtedly emerge. Language issues remain a persistent problem for many organisations. As a Forbes Insights and Rosetta Stone Business report reveals, more than 100 executives at large US businesses find that language barriers have a “significant impact” on business operations. 

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5 min read

How is the Metaverse changing the event industry?

By Patricia Magaz on April 27, 2022

Most events are, at their core, about connecting people with a shared, valuable experience. From roaring fans at a sold-out stadium to an intimate poetry reading, to an industry-shaping business conference — all attendees are sharing in an experience that’s meaningful for them.

As technology develops, it gives us new ways to create, shape and access these shared experiences. After all, technology has been an integral part of events from the very beginning. Microphones amplified speakers and performers; video broadcasts allowed people around the world to watch events; the internet took accessibility even further and allowed for new degrees of communication and interactivity from attendees.

The "metaverse” is the next technological advancement making waves in the events sphere.

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