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5 min read

Revolutionising multilingual meetings-10 ways Interprefy Now stands out

By Patricia Magaz on July 10, 2024

Language barriers pose a significant challenge in international professional face-to-face setups, especially when trying to put ideas forward, reach an agreement or achieve effective communication in spontaneous, non-event-like scenarios. As multilingual conversations unlocks benefits, including increased productivity, improved collaboration, and faster decision-making, the need for seamless real-time translation is more critical than ever.

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7 min read

Is Interprefy AI the AI speech translation solution you need?

By Patricia Magaz on May 23, 2024

Interprefy AI is a cost-effective and scalable AI speech translation solution that offers real-time translations for businesses and organisations in multiple languages. Designed to deliver seamless, cost-effective, and fast-to-deploy live translation, it enhances the inclusivity and reach of events and meetings, making them accessible to a diverse, international audience.

In this article, we explore the benefits of using Interprefy AI for your events. Let’s start by unpacking the technology and approaches that make Interprefy AI such a leading language solution. 

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