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A hybrid event combines in-person and online elements. In other words, an in-person event that has speakers, attendees or interpreters connecting and participating remotely, is a hybrid event.

Making your event hybrid has many benefits as we explained in this article. The same occurs when you allow your interpreters to work remotely. Suddenly you free up event space, save on travel and logistic expenses, reduce carbon emissions and have access to a global pool of interpreting talent. 

Setting up remote simultaneous interpretation for on-site and hybrid events can seem daunting but it really isn't if you partner with the right provider who can support you every step of the way and take care of the heavy lifting.

In this article, we look at how remote interpretation works in 3 different on-site and hybrid scenarios. 

Scenario 1: An on-site event with remote interpreters and attendees using the Interprefy mobile app


You are organising a medium-size multilingual conference with presenters on-site and need interpretation into 6 languages. Your venue is not large enough to fit your attendees and the interpreting booths.


You allow interpreters and attendees to participate in the conference remotely. You contact Interprefy to manage the interpreting logistics and monitor the actual event.

Interprefy streams your conference into the Interprefy platform using USB audio and a capture card. Interpreters receive these live audio and video streams as they work remotely via the Interprefy soft console. 

Interprefy monitors the connections and the interpreters throughout the event for extra peace of mind. 


The remote attendees listen to interpretation on their tablets, computer browsers or mobile phones using the Interprefy mobile app. On-site attendees listen to interpretation on the Interprefy mobile app. 

Interpreters can focus solely on interpreting as they know there is a remote support team monitoring their performance and just one click away in case of emergency. 


Scenario 2: On-site event with in-person attendees and remote interpreters using the traditional IR/FM receivers


You want to benefit from the efficiencies and cost-savings of using remote interpretation but you prefer the on-site audience to use familiar equipment.


You contact Interprefy to support your event and allow interpreters to work remotely. IInterpreters connect to your conference remotely, using the browser-powered Interprefy interpreter soft console. Their interpretation is then sent to the room through a set-up consisting of computers and audio interfaces, or our RSI box and connected to the IR/FM transmitter.


Event attendees can use a familiar interpretation receiver whilst the organiser saves money, space and time.


Scenario 3: On-site event with traditional interpreting booths and remote attendees


You have organised an on-site event but have some participants unable to attend in person and want to allow them to follow the event remotely in the language of their choice.


Interprefy helps you make sure interpreters can work on-site from interpreting booths. The Interprefy team or AV partner makes sure their interpretation is streamed from the traditional interpretation control unit to the Interprefy platform via some standard IT and audio hardware.


On-site attendees listen to interpretation using the IR or FM audio transmitters and receivers and remote attendees access the same interpretation via the Interprefy platform on their preferred device.


To sum up

When it comes to organising multilingual events, your event setup doesn't have to be an obstacle for success. Find a provider like Interprefy who can support you not only with the technology that enables remote interpretation but also with:

  • Interpreters: Whether they are sourced by Interprefy or provided by you, all interpreters working on the Interprefy's RSI platform get training on the RSI platform. 
  • Project management: A project manager is assigned to you to help you prior to the event and make your multilingual event a success. Your Interprefy project manager can help you find the right interpreters with expert knowledge in the topic or ensure your interpreters are trained on Interprefy's RSI platform. Project managers can also advise your AV company on the basic connection requirements, point you to our global network of AV partners well versed in the Interprefy RSI platform to deliver on-site support or, for certain events and subject to availability, they themselves can be on-site if preferred. 
  • Remote Support: Interpreters working on the Interprefy RSI platform for your event are monitored by our remote support team for greater performance and peace of mind. 



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