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Boost your event reach with Interprefy's Media Services

Transform any event into a lasting, shareable experience. Our advanced Media Services provide post-event recording solutions to ensure your message continues to engage and captivate global audiences, boosting your brand's reach and impact long after the event finishes.

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Introducing Interprefy's post-event Media Services

Our innovative Media Services are designed to expand the life of your live events. Easily accessible through our cutting-edge Media Library, we have three recording options - LIVE, ENHANCED, and PREMIUM - to cater to a variety of needs.

Whether it's a webinar, conference, or live event, our Media Services ensure your message continues to make an impact, long after the live event has ended.

Instant, raw recordings

Your unedited event recording exactly as your event happened.

- Live event recording (MP4)
- Language translations (MP3s)
- Basic transcripts (TXT file)
- No edits to files

Basic video editing

Your event recording, with basic technical editing.

- Event recording per language (MP3/MP4)
- Basic technical matching of audio, video and captions
- Optional captions: in-video or SRT
- Includes transcripts (no timestamps) and captions (with timestamps) files



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Professionally edited

Your event recording, with professionally corrected content quality and technical video editing.

- Linguists correct source language captions
- Machine-translated subtitles, refined by linguists
- Subtitles fully synced; content re-edited for length
- AI voiceovers created; content adjusted for speed
- Includes all enhanced features


Interprefy Media Service's LIVE offering provides an unedited MP4 recording of your event with MP3 language translations, basic transcripts, and no file edits, capturing the authenticity of the moment as it unfolds..

Example of what you will receive


The ENHANCED package offers your event's recording in multiple languages (MP3/MP4), with basic technical edits, optional in-video or SRT captions, and transcripts, providing a polished yet authentic viewer experience.
Example of what you will receive


Interprefy Media Service's PREMIUM option delivers linguist-corrected and machine-translated captions post edited, fully synced content, AI voiceovers, and all enhanced features, setting the standard for unparalleled engagement.
Example of what you will receive

Why you should choose Interprefy's Media Services


Easily accessible media content

All your event recordings will be stored in our Media Library. Whether you've opted for Live, Enhanced, or Premium recordings, your media is securely stored and organised in our Media Library, enabling you to revisit and utilise your content whenever necessary.


Flexible formats to suit your needs

Interprefy's media services offer a variety of delivery formats tailored to your specific requirements. From unedited MP4 and MP3 files for immediate use to professionally edited and synchronised videos ready for broadcast, you have the flexibility to choose the format that best suits your project's needs.


A range of recording types to choose from

Because not all events are the same and you might be needing them for different reasons, our wide recording offerings ensures there's always a type to meet your needs. From raw, to professionally edited, to broadcast quality, you can rest assured that we will always deliver exactly what you need for your specific needs. 


Professional support throughout

Unsure about the ideal recording option that caters to your requirements? Our dedicated media team will provide unwavering support, guiding you in selecting the perfect choice while also handling all the planning and editing tasks.