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Oddmund Braaten

Oddmund Braaten

Oddmund Braaten is Chief Executive Officer at Interprefy.

Recent posts by Oddmund Braaten

6 min read

Navigating the intricacies of AI translation and professional interpretation

By Oddmund Braaten on April 3, 2024

Don’t believe the hype - they are different solutions for different problems

Topics: AI Interprefy AI
3 min read

Is sustainability lost in translation?

By Oddmund Braaten on August 8, 2023

This article was first published in Prestige Events

Topics: Sustainability RSI
4 min read

The demand for sustainable events is heating up

By Oddmund Braaten on November 17, 2022

Unless you haven’t heard, there’s a pretty big sustainability conference taking place in Egypt this month, aiming to once again highlight the action (or lack of) on climate change over the past year.

Managers in the events industry will be keeping a keen eye on progressions, as the conference couldn’t come at a more perfect time. In-person events are back in full swing, but with plenty of appetite for sustainable events from attendees, many are looking for help in delivering eco-friendly events that go beyond simply hosting them online.

Topics: Sustainability Captions In-Person Events RSI
4 min read

Live machine translation: a new dawn for conference interpreters?

By Oddmund Braaten on September 28, 2022

This article was originally published on AIJourn.com

Topics: Captions AI Machine translation
5 min read

Virtual Town Hall Meetings: 10 Easy Tips to Drive Inclusivity and Engagement

By Oddmund Braaten on June 27, 2022

Even though remote working has provided greater flexibility, it’s still almost impossible to gather all staff in one place at the same time.

Topics: Event Management Online Events Multilingual Web Conferencing