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Interprefy AI is a cost-effective and scalable AI speech translation solution that offers real-time translations for businesses and organisations in multiple languages. Designed to deliver seamless, cost-effective, and fast-to-deploy live translation, it enhances the inclusivity and reach of events and meetings, making them accessible to a diverse, international audience.

In this article, we explore the benefits of using Interprefy AI for your events. Let’s start by unpacking the technology and approaches that make Interprefy AI such a leading language solution. 

Interprefy AI innovative foundations

At Interprefy, we have a strong history of providing language solutions to various industries and organisations, ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations. Interprefy AI was developed from our deep expertise and experience solving complex multilingual communication challenges. Key among these challenges is the high price and slow deployment speed of traditional interpretation. 

Interprefy AI solves these challenges, enabling organisations to connect with audiences in their language — so nobody gets left out.  

Our approach to design and usability

Over the past years, the world has become more connected than ever. Remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) has made simultaneous interpretation much more affordable and flexible, opening up a variety of new use cases, such as online meetings, webinars, and even internal company events. RSI has gained traction among organisations of all shapes and sizes. 

At the same time, simultaneous interpretation has still been out of scope for many organisations and events with smaller budgets. Interprefy AI is built to support any organisation needing fast access to cost-effective live translation. So whether you need live translations for conferences, webinars, training sessions, or town hall meetings, you’ll find Interprefy AI to be cheaper and easy to use and easy to scale. 

Additionally, Interprefy is the first company ever to make AI translation available for professional in-person set-ups, without any need for audiovisual equipment. The new Interprefy Now product provides instant, AI-powered live translation (audio and text captions) for face-to-face professional meetings like negotiations, guided tours, pitches... so that attendees can listen and speak in their preferred language. This way, Interprefy extends the use cases where it can now remove language barriers, getting one step closer to its mission to connecting the world in their own language. 

How our technology ensures accurate and complete translations 

Interprefy AI benchmarks available leading speech recognition and AI translation engines for each language combination. By consistently improving the algorithms of these engines, we ensure we provide a solution that is at the forefront of AI translation technology. 

Through these factors, we guarantee our users receive the highest quality translations for their language requirements. If an event has several languages, for instance, we can combine engines and use the best one in each language combination to translate any languages needed. This makes Interprefy AI a one-stop shop for all live translation requirements. 

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Our technology provides direct translations that preserve the content and structure of the spoken word. The glossary feature further enhances accuracy by preparing Interprefy AI to catch even the most unique, technical, and hard-to-translate terminology. 

Interprefy AI speech translation was contextually accurate and it got domain specific words and even names right, we were quite impressed". Erika Olsson, Project Coordinator at Childhood. Read the full story here

The Event Technology Awards has also recognised the strength of our approach when Interprefy AI was awarded the Best Use of AI Technology Award in 2023.

What Interprefy AI adds to the speech translation landscape

Interprefy AI is transforming the speech translation landscape by providing a cost-effective and versatile solution that complements traditional professional interpretation methods. The solution excels in scenarios where quick, scalable translation is needed across multiple languages. Interprefy AI offers the following benefits:

  • Greater accessibility for diverse audiences  — with over 80 languages available and compatible with over 80 meeting platforms and on Interprefy’s mobile app, Interprefy AI ensures participants from different linguistic backgrounds can engage effectively.
  • More choice for catering to language needs — Interprefy AI’sAivia's 24/7 availability supports a range of event types, including in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.
  • Rapid adaptability — Interprefy AI enables organisers to quickly adapt to changing event dynamics, such as adding new languages or accommodating last-minute speaker changes, which might be challenging with traditional translation methods.
  • Leading AI technology — Interpefy AI's technology uses the best engines in the market for each language combination as they are continuously benchmarked in-house to ensure customers don’t need to look and compare. These engines are further optimised with tailor-made algorithms to ensure best performance. 
  • Enhanced accuracy — Interprefy AI uses glossaries to improve the accuracy of specific terminology, ensuring precise translations in specialised contexts.
  • Available without AV equipment — Interprefy AI is also available through Interprefy Now mobile app. Interprefy Now is the first-ever multilingual meetings app that makes any small to medium sized in-person, professional gathering multilingual with just a mobile phone. Attendees can speak, listen, and read in their language just with their phones. Discover Interprefy Now

Is Interprefy AI the right AI speech translation tool for you?

Interprefy AI is already used by hundreds of organisations across multiple industries, including governments, NGOs, sports associations, tech and IT companies, pharmaceuticals, and events associations. This widespread adoption is a testament to its effectiveness and reliability. With so many organisations already using Interprefy AI, there’s a good chance the tool can meet your needs. Especially as Interprefy AI offers distinct advantages in terms of translation completeness, cost, and quick set-up.

We recommend trying out the system to see if it meets your needs. By testing it with your content in realistic conditions, you can see exactly how well it works for you. It's all about seeing the real performance in action, so you can make the right choices for your needs. Alexander Davydov, Head of AI Delivery at Interprefy

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