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4 min read

How to successfully host multilingual business meetings

By Patricia Magaz on March 15, 2022

When holding meetings with partners, customers, suppliers, or peers across multiple countries, language can often pose a big barrier to successful communication.

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6 min read

Remote interpreting – What you need to know

By Patricia Magaz on March 3, 2022

The International Organization for Standarization (ISO) defines interpreting as "rendering of spoken or signed information from a source language to a target language in oral or signed form, conveying both the register and meaning of the source language content". Add "remote" to this definition and it then seems obvious that we are referring to the act of interpreting in the distance but, is there only one way of doing it? and, where is it used?

Topics: Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Conferences Multilingual Web Conferencing Businesses RSI Remote Interpreting
3 min read

Why localising event experiences is key to scaling into new regions

By Patricia Magaz on January 12, 2022

The shift toward digital experiences and virtual events has created an opportunity for businesses to expand into new markets and reach audiences at scale. While expansion is key to business growth, it’s a challenging process that requires localising your content to fit with different multinational audiences.

Topics: Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Seminars & Workshops ON24 Multilingual Web Conferencing Webinars Businesses
4 min read

How to overcome international business communication barriers

By Patricia Magaz on December 1, 2021

If you work in a multinational, you’ll get a taste for the experiences only larger, multilingual companies can offer — like the opportunity to learn about new cultures and ways of doing business. However, unlocking these benefits requires proactively solving communication challenges that typically occur in multicultural, and multilingual environments.

Let’s examine 4 of the most common friction points and how interpreting services can help overcome them.

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