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Patricia Magaz

Patricia Magaz

Learn about the latest developments at Interprefy by Patricia Magaz, Content Strategist at Interprefy.

Recent posts by Patricia Magaz

2 min read

Taking remote interpreting to outer space

By Patricia Magaz on Apr 5, 2022 9:31:42 AM

November 2, 2000 is the date the first residential crew arrived aboard the International Space Station, which is 408 kilometres away from the Earth. 

October 4, 2021 is the date Interprefy enabled interpretation for a live, public exchange between the International Space Station and the Earth. 

Topics: Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Customer Stories Interprefy Partners Hybrid Events
1 min read

CAIS in Japan holds interpreting exams on Interprefy RSI platform

By Patricia Magaz on Jan 31, 2022 7:00:00 AM


CAIS, the Centre for the Advancement of Interpreting Skills, is a non-profit organization supported by Simul International Inc, Japan’s leading language service provider. CAIS aims to improve the satisfaction of all actors within the interpretation industry in Japan, including interpreters, agencies, and companies using interpretation services.

Topics: Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Interpreters Governmental & Non Profits Interprefy Partners
2 min read

Connecting UEFA EURO 2020 in 22 languages

By Patricia Magaz on Dec 6, 2021 10:44:01 AM

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has been holding The UEFA European Championship (the 'EURO's'), the national men's football competition between European countries, every four years - since 1960.

But EURO 2020 was an especially challenging edition, with a raging pandemic putting a spoke into the wheels of one of the world's biggest sports events. But UEFA managed to adapt, and despite an impossible mission to plan a mega-event mid-pandemic, managed to return with a safe and successful edition of EURO 2020 - in summer 2021.

Topics: Sports Governmental & Non Profits Hybrid Events
2 min read

UCT holds multilingual fireside chats to empower women in the workplace

By Patricia Magaz on Nov 1, 2021 8:21:12 AM


Ultra Clean Holdings, Inc. is a leading developer and supplier of critical subsystems, components, and parts and ultra-high purity cleaning and analytical services primarily for the semiconductor industry. Interprefy provided remote simultaneous interpretation in 5 languages for the global kickoff of a series of workshops to empower women in the workplace.  

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