Funded by companies, organisations, and private donors, World Child Foundation works to prevent child sexual abuse. They invest in innovations, methods, and partnerships that strengthen protection and reduce risks for particularly vulnerable groups. Childhood also engages in advocacy and increases knowledge and awareness of child sexual abuse and creates long-term and sustainable change.


In their mission to Inspire, promote, and develop solutions to end sexual abuse and exploitation of children, the World Childhood Foundation works in partnership with passionate pioneers, grassroots organisations, companies, foundations, and other actors who share their vision of a world where no child is sexually abused. 

At this year's annual gathering for all established projects, Childhood made the strategic choice to introduce AI speech translation, enhancing cooperation, connectivity, and the exchange of knowledge.

The Challenge

Communicating efficiently across languages 

For the first time, Childhood arranged a mutual introductory partnership meeting for all new project partners, where the primary goal was to showcase their projects and share their past experiences. The majority of these key projects are managed by local organisations around the world, working directly in the field, most lacking a global network, resulting in a diversity of English language skills and proficiency levels.

Additionally, the content of the start-up partnership meeting was very specific, with a lot of abbreviations and specialised names such as models and methods of working. 

The Approach

Interprefy AI to capture specialised terminology and communicate effectively

Drawing on the innovative Stella Polaris project by Childhood, a visionary initiative aimed at coordinating and enhancing AI-related efforts to combat child sexual abuse in Sweden, the organisation delved into the potential of AI capabilities to support their upcoming partnership meeting.

"One huge part of what we do is to encourage people to use AI to enable collaboration with other organisations, countries, experiences, and just make their work more efficient. Interprefy AI fit perfectly in our approach" says Erika Olsson, Project Coordinator at Childhood. 

Working with Interprefy was a great experience. We established the topic-specific vocabulary before the meeting, so we knew that these keywords were definitely going to be used correctly. - Erika Olsson, Project coordinator at Childhood

The Outcome

The Ukrainian partners were able to follow the meeting and share their experiences in their language. "The feedback we got from our Ukrainian partners was positive and they commented that they were able to follow what was being said, which was our main goal" Erika says.  

"Interprefy AI speech translation was contextually accurate and it got domain specific words and even names right, we were quite impressed". Erika concludes

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