Between the 12th and 15th of February 2023, the World Government Summit convened at the Madinat Jumeriah, Dubai, to explore the topic of "Shaping Future Governments." Distinguished thinkers, prominent experts, and influential decision-makers from across the world came together to exchange ideas and collaborate on devising critical tools, policies, and models necessary for shaping governments of the future.  


Congress Rental Emirates, a valued AV partner of Interprefy, were awarded the contract to provide simultaneous interpretation technology and discussion systems for this high-profile annual event. Meetings were spread over 12 rooms, each needing to facilitate access in multiple languages to cater for the guests who attended from across the globe. 

The Challenge

Finding a flexible and scalable solution 

With simultaneous interpretation being such a key component in delivering an event of such a vast scale, Congress Rental Emirates had to ensure that their system design was able to cater to any request that was made by the client.  

Frequent changes in schedule and speakers and subsequent language requests meant each room had to be equipped to solve these challenges at a moment's notice. The interpretation from each room also had to be available both in the media centre (centrally located in the venue basement) and on the live webinar broadcasts.

Many of the interpreters worked from interpretation booths in each room however requests for additional languages were frequent, often expanding above the amount the room could cater for itself, or with the need for interpreters of languages that were not locally available for certain sessions.

The media centre was home to journalists who needed the ability to listen to any language in any room at any time, amounting to over 70 language channels needed in that room. 

The Approach

Combining market-leading technology and technical expertise

Being part of the Congress Rental Network, Congress Rental Emirates utilized the capabilities of the CRN RSI platform, powered by Interprefy to solve the challenges that existed.

Each room was set up to allow interpreters to work remotely on the Interprefy platform by integrating into the Bosch conference systems. Two rooms had no space for interpretation booths hence all interpretation was delivered remotely. A hotel room next to the event venue was utilised as an RSI studio allowing on-site interpreters to participate in any session regardless of the lack of available booths in the room.

World Government Summit 23 interpreters

All interpretation was streamed to the Interprefy platform and a team of remote support injected the languages into the respective webinars being broadcast on the event website.

Interprefys set up World Government Summit 23

Congress Rental Emirates provided top-notch interpretation equipment and on-site technical support while Interprefy delivered its innovative remote interpretation platform to enable a true hybrid on - and off-site interpretation experience, as well as ensuring smooth injection of interpreted languages to the client’s public webinars. Balazs Hazay, Project Manager, Congress Rental Emirates 

Journalists were able to listen to the primary channels of interpretation through infra-red receivers on the tables, but also had the option of using the CRN RSI app to select any language in any room at any time and follow the event on their own phone. 

The way Balazs designed the interpretation system at the World Government Summit highlighted just how flexible and scalable our solutions are. They solved a number of logistical challenges whilst greatly reducing the amount of hardware required at the venue and enabled them to react swiftly to any client request. Mark Breakspear, Interprefy AV Alliance Manager 

The Outcome

With the combination of an experienced Interprefy AV partner on site and a team of support technicians working remotely, the World Government Summit benefited from providing simultaneous interpretation in all the sessions regardless of which interpreters were at the venue, or which were working remotely.  

The World Government Summit was a clear example of how market-leading technology alongside technical expertise is a winning combination- Adds Mark.

All languages were seamlessly combined on-site using the technology Congress Rental Emirates installed and those not able to attend in person were able to access the same language services as those on-site.

The partnership between Congress Rental Emirates and Interprefy is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in the event industry. By combining our expertise, we were able to provide a seamless and effective interpretation solution for the World Government Summit 2023, which contributed to the overall success of the event.  Balazs concludes.