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Have you started taking your events, meetings and conferences online?

How to choose an RSI Provider - Free eBook

Since the global pandemic events have become increasingly digital-first. Aided by advancements in conferencing technologies (and in response to the COVID-19 outbreak which has forced many to work remotely), more and more events and meetings are taking place online. 

Times are changing – but are you changing with them? 

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Since spring 2020 we’ve seen a massive surge in online events, conferences and meetings; event organisers are utilising cloud-based conferencing tools to deliver international, online events, while business leaders are using them to keep connected with their workforce and clients. 

These technologies solve a clear and current problem – but in a landscape unfamiliar to some (particularly for event organisers and businesses accustomed to delivering events and meetings on-site and offline), are these technologies being evaluated properly and can they meet the needs of larger outfits? 

For small and medium-sized businesses, many of the current cloud-based conferencing/meeting tools will suffice; they’re robust, easy to use and quick to deploy. But what options are available for event organisers that host large-scale events for thousands of people and/or need to host and interpret events across several regions? 

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If you don’t know what’s available or what to look for and you need some or all of the above, the marketplace can be challenging. It’s absolutely essential with any kind of online meeting, event or conference software that you assess the marketplace and what’s on offer to find a solution that meets your criteria – and given that (for many) the process of looking for conferencing, event management and interpretation may be new to some, we’ve put this eBook together to help. 

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Download our eBook to find out more about


Changes to the landscape 

How the conferencing, event management and interpretation spaces are changing. 



Functions you need

Key functions and capabilities you should be looking for in a conferencing/event management or interpretation service/tool. 


The importance of expertise

The level of expertise you need from your supplier to ensure your online events/conferences and/or meetings go ahead successfully.


What your supplier needs to provide

What to look for in a remote interpretation services provider, including how these services can help take your events to the next level. 

Here's a sneak peak of what you could receive...

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