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Experience Interprefy Now and the Future of AI Speech Translation

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On June 20, 2024, we hosted an exclusive live webinar that will soon be accessible for on-demand viewing.

During this event, we took a moment to reflect on the impressive evolution of our AI Speech Translation technologies and introduced our newest breakthrough, Interprefy Now (featured on BBC News). This webinar serves as your portal to the cutting-edge of global communication advancements.

Simply complete the web form, and we will send you the link to the on-demand recording available in the language of your choice, crafted for your viewing pleasure.

What was covered:

Award-Winning Advancements: Explore the acclaimed innovations in Interprefy AI.

Discover Interprefy Now: Get an inside look at our latest solution, as featured on BBC News.

Live Demonstration: Experience our AI technology in action.

Real-Life Use Cases: Learn how top organizations utilize our AI for seamless communication.

Expert Insights: Get your questions answered by industry experts.

Business Benefits: Find out how Interprefy’s multilingual AI solutions can enhance your business.


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