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Free eBook: Key Event Management Trends 2022

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2022 brings with it new challenges, new trends, and new innovations.

Recently, we conducted a survey of more than 100 event management and marketing professionals, asking them what they believe to be the main trends and challenges for event management in 2022. Combining online and offline experiences will most certainly become the game-changer in 2022.

Are you ready for the next wave of change to the hybrid environment, what can you expect and how can you stay ahead of the competition? We help you answer all these questions in our eBook on key event management trends in 2022.

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2021 has been extremely challenging for the events industry. For many event planners, it was a year of uncertainty, especially regarding in-person meetings and business travel. But on the positive side, emerging technologies have made it easier to reach larger audiences. We speak about some of these technologies and trends in our eBook on key event management trends 2022.

2022 brings with it new challenges, new trends, and new innovations. For event planners, embracing these changes is crucial to creating successful and memorable events.

"The future of events is hybrid: this format allows companies to reach a greater audience, avoid travel costs, and get valuable data. Engagement will also be key in 2022. Organizers need to include gamification, event curation, and more breakout rooms for delegates to engage and make the event look real."

- Andy Johnston, virtual conference manager, ON24

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The lesson to be drawn from this is clear: most audiences have adapted to virtual events and have less tolerance for event mistakes, adding pressure for event managers to create slick professional events.

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Download our ‘Key event management trends 2022’ eBook to find out more about…


What has changed since our last report

Since the first wave of lockdowns, the overwhelming majority of event attendees have adopted an array of new digital services and tools.



Industry leader insights

Predictions from over 100 event planners and event platform providers


What event attendees expect in 2022

The attendee experience remains a crucial factor in creating successful events and technology remains key in enabling new event experiences.


What the future holds

Key trends, challenges, and new innovations to watch in 2022.

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