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Eco-friendly event planning guide

Creating more environmentally-friendly events will require adapting how events are structured. Fortunately, event managers are adept at making fast changes. Over the last few years, the rapid move from in-person to hybrid and virtual events is proof of that.  

In this ebook, we explore the latest insights on event sustainability and highlight how event managers can reduce their carbon footprint.

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Interprefy eco-freindly event planning guide

What to expect:

  • The drive towards sustainable events
  • What is a carbon footprint — and why does it matter?
  • How environmentally friendly are your events?
  • The future is green: how planners can reduce their carbon footprint
  • Case study: hosting a global sustainability conference 
  • How Interprefy can help improve the sustainability of your events
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With events going digital, hybrid, and back on-site we recognize just how hard it is for event managers, planners, and interpreters today to keep up with developments to leverage new, modern technologies. 

Here in our resource library, you’ll find all the event management, planning, and interpreter resources you need to not only ensure your online events are successful, but also improve your skills and awareness as an events specialist.

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