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Webinar available on-demand

Returning to more eco-friendly on-site events.

The live webinar took place on June 7th and is available to watch on-demand.

Simply fill out the web form and we'll send you the webinar recording.

What we cover:

  • What is an eco-friendly onsite event, and what should it focus on? 
  • Post-Covid impact on events.
  • How sustainable are events now vs 2 years ago? 
  • What’s the impact on the environment of events? 
  • Should we just go back to in-person only? Why add a virtual element?
  • What should you think about when inviting a global audience?

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Learn from industry experts

Watch this lively discussion and Q&A about returning to more eco-friendly on-site events.

Interprefy Ben Quarrell

Ben Quarrell

Co-Founder of Isla


Interprefy Mark Breakspear

Mark Breakspear

AV Alliance Manager at Interprefy


Interprefy Adam Parry

Adam Parry

Co-founder of Events Industry News and Director of Event Tech Live


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