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While Zoom offers some built-in language interpretation capabilities, Interprefy's expertise, support, and cutting-edge Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) software with a dedicated interpreter interface can help take multilingual Zoom meetings to the next level.

With Interprefy for Zoom, both meeting participants and interpreters can focus solely on the content of their Zoom meetings or webinars, while Interprefy manages the rest. 

The Interprefy real-time interpretation solution can be integrated with Zoom to stream the video and audio from the Zoom meeting to our interpreter soft console and feed the interpreters' translated rendition of the speech back into Zoom into the respective interpretation audio channels.

Let's look at how event organizers, participants, and interpreters can benefit from using Interprefy's real-time translation solution for Zoom in their multilingual meetings. 

Benefits of using Interprefy with Zoom for event organizers and participants

  • Care-free package - Hassle-free logistics and management of interpreting services.
  • Technical support - Technical support in setting up, monitoring interpreting channels.
  • Any language - No limitations in the number and selection of interpretation languages to offer during your Zoom meetings.
  • Relay languages - Also known as "bridge" interpreting. This is used when not all interpreters understand the source language. One interpreter listens to the source language speaker and renders the message into a language common to all the other interpreters. These other interpreters then render the message to their target language groups.
  • Two-way interpretation - Allows participants to both listen and speak in their preferred language, like in Q&As.
  • Interpreter onboarding - Recruiting and onboarding the best interpreting talent for your required language combinations and subject area.
  • Multilingual meeting recording - Possibility to record your meeting or event, including the interpreting rendered.
  • One-stop-shop for interpreting - A user-friendly and one-stop-shop for the interpreters enabling them to focus solely on delivering their interpretation and ultimately improving the quality of the interpreting delivered to the audience.

Benefits of using Interprefy with Zoom for interpreters

  • Allows to set up relay languages
  • Multiple incoming languages
  • The interpreter works on an interpreter soft console
  • Interpreters can communicate with booth partners through cues and a partner chat
  • Smart handover features
  • Interpreters can hear their partners' interpretation
  • Remote support and emergency procedures in the event of a technical issue.


How Interprefy integrates with Zoom


The key to successful multilingual Zoom meetings boils down to 2 factors: having the right tools for interpreters to do their job and collaborating with an experienced provider that can do the heavy lifting and offer technical support. That is exactly where Interprefy can help like we did for this event. 

Do you have multilingual meetings on other meeting platforms? Not to worry, Interprefy remote simultaneous interpreting solution is also available to be used in over 30 meeting platforms or as a stand-alone solution


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Written by Patricia Magaz

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