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    Connect people in their own language at your business meetings conferences webinars governmental meetings

    With Interprefy, you can provide real-time interpreting to everyone, anywhere. We provide the RSI technology, expertise, and support you need to make your meetings and events truly multilingual.

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    Delivering better multilingual events for everyone

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    Facilitate multilingual conversations

    Make sure no one gets lost in translation by facilitating truly multilingual conversations.

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    Enhance inclusivity & accessibility

     Ensure everyone can understand and be understood through real-time interpreting and multilingual live captioning.

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    Deliver content in more languages

    Expand your event reach by localizing your event content through remote simultaneous interpretation. Interprefy can deliver content in various languages. Interprefy services can reach as far as China.

    Standalone or integrated - interprefy any meeting or event

    Whether you're on the lookout for a turnkey multilingual conferencing solution or looking to add remote simultaneous interpretation to your existing tech stack - Interprefy can do it all. 

    Interprefy Select

    Add real-time interpretation to the video-conferencing platform of your choice. We partner with the leading platforms to provide a seamless interpreting experience anywhere.

    Meet Select

    Interprefy Connect Pro

    Designed for classroom-style meetings, hearings, and governmental sessions, Interprefy Connect Pro is a multilingual all-in-one web conferencing solution for online and hybrid sessions.

    Meet Connect Pro

    Interprefy Connect

    Meet online in your language. Connect is a cloud-based multilingual web conferencing solution that brings conference interpreters into your business meetings.

    Meet Connect

    At global summits, on multi-national panel talks, in meetings between your branches

    Not all of us have a dozen languages in our back pocket. So how can we communicate without it becoming a barrier? By connecting the world in their own language. That’s interprefying it. Our cloud-based platform supports you with real time translation from experienced interpreters. We’ll do the heavy lifting — all you have to do is log-in, choose from a drop down of languages, and join the conversion.

    Discover our use cases
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    Providing support at every step of the way

    Interprefy's professional services teams have supported the interpretation needs of tens of thousands of multilingual events of all shapes and sizes. From connecting world leaders online to connecting an astronaut on the ISS to a global expo - we've got the experience to meet even the most unique requirements.

    Dedicated support

    Count on our project and tech support teams to tailor solutions to your unique requirements. During the event, we'll monitor all channels and provide instant support.

    Finding the best interpreters

    We partner with leading Language Service Providers (LSPs) to source highly qualified conference interpreters for even the rarest languages.

    Media services

    We can record audio and video streaming of your event and even provide transcriptions.

    Platform training

    Interprefy's training team can provide platform training for your interpreter teams and/or delegates.

    Multilingual live captions

    Ensure an inclusive multilingual conferencing experience with Interprefy Captions in 30+ languages.

    Integrated with your tech stack

    Whether you're hosting an international Zoom meeting or a global sports event, we've got you covered.

    Interprefy is loved by teams at organizations of all shapes and sizes.

    Read our customer stories

    Interpreting is essential for our meetings – which are interactive and inclusive – but using traditional interpreting is complex and expensive. Interprefy solved these problems with its remote simultaneous interpretation – and we received very positive feedback from the delegates, many of whom were impressed with the level of interpreting and the quality of sound.

    Universal Postal Union
    Elisabeth Massonnet

    The functionality and procedures were simple, impressive and cost-effective. We would like to thank Interprefy for the great service.

    Nadine Dueclos

    Marketing Manager

    We were so satisfied with the interpretation during our meetings. It was the first time we had used Zoom and remote interpreting with our board members, but everyone was impressed by the solution’s technical prowess.

    Catherine Felder

    Administrative Assistant

    Flexibility and speed of deployment were key as we didn’t have any booths and requests were delivered at short notice. Interprefy helped us to keep on top of everything – allowing us to interpret content for our audiences at our conferences across Europe and Prague.

    Ivica Juresa

    Director, Global Programs and Events

    Despite many working from home in light of COVID-19, the Interprefy platform made it incredibly easy for us to host an online event for more than 250 people in 6 languages. The senior leaders we invited to speak were able to do so from the comfort of their homes – using their own WiFi and equipment, no technical support required – and the Interprefy team were on hand at all times to help.

    Chris Daunt

    IT Manager

    The service was easy to use and interpreters were able to understand and translate technical terms without issue.

    Lani Kirby

    Education & Events Manager

    Interprefy is a fantastic solution and works well for meetings.

    Valentini Amarantidou

    Director of Development

    The time difference between the speech and the translation itself is minimal – and the quality is amazing.

    Sophie Ruiz

    Events Manager, Secretary General's Office

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    Join thousands of customers who work with Interprefy to bring real-time interpreting from professional conference interpreters to their business meetings, conferences, summits and beyond.

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