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Simultaneous Interpretation for Zoom meetings webinars

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Take your multilingual Zoom meetings and events to the next level with Interprefy's powerful cloud-based RSI platform and managed interpretation services. Interprefy integrates into your Zoom interpretation channels while ensuring interpreters receive the tools and support they need to deliver stunning live interpretation.

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Combine Zoom with the leading RSI solution trusted by The White House

Interprefy has been supporting thousands of multilingual Zoom meetings in connecting participants in their own language including The White House. For the 2021 Summit on Climate Change, Interprefy connected 40 world leaders and their interpreter teams by enhancing Zoom's interpretation feature with Interprefy's cloud-based Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) technology.

Customer Story - The White House
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Powering truly multilingual Zoom events

Connecting global audiences on Zoom can be challenging from sourcing and vetting the right conference interpreters to securing a powerful technical set-up and support throughout the event.

Let Interprefy do the heavy lifting and provide interpreter teams with a highly intuitive RSI soft console with smart handover, relay, and communication features.

And enjoy the peace of mind that an experienced technical remote support team is monitoring all channels throughout your event. 


Best-rated interpreter soft console

Interpreters can work on Interprefy's soft console that allows for relay languages, smart handovers, hearing their virtual booth partners, and maintaining a direct line to their partners and Inteprefy support staff.



Dedicated support

A dedicated project and technical remote support team takes care of the set-up, sound-checking and monitoring throughout the event.

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Stunning audio quality

Enjoy crystal-clear 64 kbps audio streaming with near-zero latency, encrypted to the highest security standards.

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Unmatched talent for any language and subject area

We can source the right match of professional language interpreters for your language combinations and subject area - or train your interpreting teams.

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Break down language barriers on the platform you trust and love

Interprefy removes language barriers in professional meetings and events anywhere. We've delivered remote simultaneous interpretation to events on 90+ different web conferencing and virtual event platforms.

So you can connect your peers in their own language, on the platform you trust and love. 

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