Having recently reentered the Paris Agreement, US President Joe Biden convened 40 world leaders in a virtual Leaders Summit on Climate. On Earth Day 2021, the leaders came together to rally the world in tackling the climate crisis and meeting the demands of science. Interprefy was tasked to ensure a seamless multilingual experience, combining Zoom with Interprefy's leading RSI capabilities and services.

The Challenge

The Summit was the largest virtual gathering of world leaders, convening the world's 17 largest economies and greenhouse gas emitters. Including leaders of other countries especially vulnerable to climate impacts or charting innovative pathways to a net-zero economy.

With the whole world watching, linguistic accuracy was key to a fruitful conversation among the 40 world leaders.

For the Summit, the leaders came together via Zoom and broadcast across the globe. As an unprecedented virtual gathering of leaders, the organisers needed to ensure the appointed interpreter teams would be equipped with best-in-class interpreting software and a team of support technicians would provide a reliable setup and seamless multilingual dialogue.

The Approach

The event organisers reached out to Interprefy for its technology, support and expertise in delivering complex high-profile RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpreting) projects. Interprefy swiftly provided a solution to integrate into Zoom, support the AV teams as well as all interpreting teams.

The Results

In close collaboration with their partner Conference Systems (CSI), the project team created a robust and secure infrastructure, connecting the Zoom meeting to Interprefy's RSI platform.

The department of state language services interpreter teams (and some world leader's private Interpreters) were trained by Interprefy to confidently operate the soft console.

Throughout the event, in conjunction with CSI's on-site technical team, Interprefy monitored all channels and maintained a direct line to all interpreters.

Meanwhile, the interpreting audio from Interprefy was injected into the Zoom language channels as well as to the broadcasting system using Interprefy's proprietary Inject solution.

The entire Interprefy team that worked on the event did an outstanding job. It was a difficult and ever-changing target, and despite all the challenges the interpretation was very successful”, a leading Technical Services Representative commented on the project.