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International Seabed Authority: RSI and AV support at hybrid event

By Patricia Magaz on Jan 2, 2023 12:31:00 PM

The International Seabed Authority (ISA) is an autonomous international organization made up of 167 Member States, and the European Union. It is mandated under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) to organize, regulate and control all mineral-related activities in the international seabed area for the benefit of mankind as a whole.


The 2022 Women in the Law of the Sea Conference celebrated the 40th anniversary the adoption of UNCLOS in New York in September. The three-day conference took place in a hybrid format and gathered over 330 participants who joined either from the Permanent Mission of Singapore, the United Nations headquarters in New York or remotely. Structured around nine panels, the Conference was the opportunity to hear from leaders and experts in ocean governance and the law of the sea. 

For this event, like in over 30 other in-person, hybrid and virtual events since 2019, ISA turned to Interprefy to enable remote simultaneous interpretation.

The Challenge

A venue without the technical setup 

Because the Conference happened during a high-level week in New York, ISA had venue issues which meant a new venue had to be found last minute for the first day of the event.  The available venue, however, happened to lack any technical setup. 

Though accustomed to working together, ISA and Interprefy found themselves just a few days away from the start of the event with an added challenge to resolve: the lack of even internet connection at the event venue.

The Approach

Leveraging an international network of professional AV providers

ISA informed Interprefy about the lack of technology resources at the venue and the Interprefy Team jumped on board to help solve the situation. At that point, it was a matter of either finding the technological setup and enabling an internet connection or calling the event off. 

The Interprefy Team searched among their trusted network of audiovisual providers in the area and secured the assistance of Mainline AV International

A technician from Mainline AV International travelled to the event venue on the same day of the event and took care of everything in-person.

Photo Credit: International Seabed Authority. A camera was set up at the front of the room to capture the delegates (photo above) and another one at the back of the room to film the speakers and presentation (photo below). The technician sourced by Interprefy ensured that the feeds remained stable and of the highest quality at all times so that the remote interpreters, remote attendees, and in-person attendees could follow seamlessly. 


The Outcome

The AV team sourced by Interprefy managed all the cabling, the cameras, the internet and the remote simultaneous interpretation set-up onsite and ensured the event could take place.

Additionally, having an Interprefy partner already trained in the ins and outs of remote simultaneous interpretation on-site meant that the interpretation streams were easily set up and the in-person and remote attendees could follow the Conference successfully in the language of their choice. 

Thanks to the Interprefy Team who did their magic and provided us with literally everything, from the internet access, to equipment, to the person to support us on-site, sort of last minute, we could run the Conference successfully.- Katharina Serrano, Programme Management Officer at ISA



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Congress Australia: Scaling their interpreting business with RSI

By Patricia Magaz on Nov 30, 2022 9:49:30 AM

The Congress Rental Network (CRN) is a worldwide network of industry-leading AV companies, all equipped with the latest Bosch Congress equipment for hire, that caters for any event where audiovisual equipment and support personnel are required.

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Herbalife: Live translation in 27 languages to 18,000 on-site attendees

By Patricia Magaz on Nov 10, 2022 2:00:00 PM

Herbalife Nutrition organises many events for its distributors across the globe every year. The events typically last multiple days and include a range of presentations, team activities and live shows. For their Barcelona event in 2022, the event featured speakers in 24 languages and an audience of over 18,000 who attended the event in person. The company aimed to provide live interpretation in 27 languages. To achieve this, Herbalife required strong partners pulling together.

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World Expo: Taking remote interpreting to outer space

By Patricia Magaz on Apr 5, 2022 9:31:42 AM

November 2, 2000 is the date the first residential crew arrived aboard the International Space Station, which is 408 kilometres away from the Earth. 

October 4, 2021 is the date Interprefy enabled interpretation for a live, public exchange between the International Space Station and the Earth. 

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CAIS in Japan holds interpreting exams on Interprefy RSI platform

By Patricia Magaz on Jan 31, 2022 7:00:00 AM


CAIS, the Centre for the Advancement of Interpreting Skills, is a non-profit organization supported by Simul International Inc, Japan’s leading language service provider. CAIS aims to improve the satisfaction of all actors within the interpretation industry in Japan, including interpreters, agencies, and companies using interpretation services.

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How the Virtual HiiL Innovating Justice Forum provided live interpretation in 2 languages with Hopin and Interprefy

By Markus Aregger on Apr 16, 2021 8:20:18 AM

About HiiL Innovating Justice Forum

The HiiL Innovating Justice Forum is a yearly event focused on making justice accessible, affordable, and easy to understand for everyone. It’s hosted by HiiL, a foundation dedicated to justice innovation. HiiL’s mission is to achieve equal justice for all by 2030. 

At the Innovating Justice Forum, HiiL showcases their research and work and facilitates discussions on innovation in the justice system. Promising  startups focused on improving the justice system also compete against each other in a pitch competition. HiiL then selects a winning startup by determining which one has the best idea to innovate justice.


Traditionally, HiiL held the Innovating Justice Forum at the Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, an in-person gathering was impossible for their 2021 forum. 

That’s why HiiL chose to host their first-ever fully-virtual Innovating Justice Forum. 

HiiL’s 3 primary goals for the 2021 Innovating Justice Forum:

  1. Reproduce the atmosphere and experience of an in-person event.
  2. Build a branded virtual experience mirroring the look and feel of prior, in-person Innovating Justice Forums.
  3. Offer live language interpretation from English to Arabic and from English to French inside the virtual event interface. This was a key feature for HiiL as the event was in English but many attendees spoke only Arabic or French.


HiiL chose Hopin as their virtual event platform, because Hopin met all three of these goals. “We moved to Hopin, because we wanted to really recreate as much as possible the experience of an in-person event. We felt Hopin was the platform that would allow us to do that,” Michelle Ton, Project Manager at HiiL, says.

Hopin features used:

  • Stage: Keynote speakers spoke from a Hopin Stage.
  • Sessions: Attendees could join interactive breakout sessions on specific topics inside Hopin Sessions.
  • One-on-one networking: Attendees met 1-on-1 to meet and chat with each other.
  • Expo: Inside the Expo, 14 startups pitched their ideas for innovating the justice system.
  • StreamYard: HiiL used StreamYard to live stream branded video content to the stage.

On top of that, HiiL used Interprefy, integrating it with Hopin to add live language interpretation to the event.

With the Interprefy and Hopin integration, attendees were able to access live translations of English talks into Arabic and French, directly inside Hopin via a widget. Attendees simply clicked in the interpretation widget and selected their language. Then, they could immediately hear a live translation in their own language from real interpreters.

Pro tip: You can add the Interprefy widget to the Hopin Stage, Sessions, and Expo areas.

I think it's a great tool,” says Michelle Ton, Project Manager at HiiL about the Interprefy and Hopin integration.  “And for the interpreters, it was easy to use. They gave us positive feedback.

Learn more: How to Integrate Interprefy and Hopin


Over 1,000 people from around the world attended the virtual Innovating Justice Forum. “We found that having the event online really opened it up to a whole new group of people who would otherwise not be able to join us” says Ton. “I would recommend Hopin to international organizations, because it offers a really great alternative to organizing a physical event.”

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How early RSI adopters Simul prepared for the perfect storm

By Markus Aregger on Nov 18, 2020 12:57:56 PM

Embracing the potential in remote simultaneous interpretation technology at an early stage, Japan’s leading language service provider has successfully helped its clients in continuing multilingual dialogue in the virtual space.

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