November 2, 2000 is the date the first residential crew arrived aboard the International Space Station, which is 408 kilometres away from the Earth. 

October 4, 2021 is the date Interprefy enabled interpretation for a live, public exchange between the International Space Station and the Earth. 


An interview with Thomas Pesquet, European Space Agency astronaut at the International Space Station, was held as part of the National Day celebrations of France at Expo 2020. The live interview was held in French and interpreted in real-time into Arabic and English using the Interprefy Remote Simultaneous Interpretation platform, for large on-site and offsite audiences.

The Challenge

A time-bound, simultaneously interpreted interview to space via Satellite 

When the "remote" aspect of the event means "outside the Earth" the technical side of things can get tricky. The connection to space required a satellite truck to be on-site,  and a direct link to NASA who was on call connecting the venue to the International Space Station. Additionally, the interview was interpreted simultaneously into English and Arabic and the interpretation was delivered to an audience located both onsite and offsite. 

The Approach

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation with a trusted team

Adding simultaneous interpretation to the connection to space was the easy part. DLC sourced the interpreters and used the Interprefy Remote Simultaneous Interpreting platform to deliver the real-time translation of the interview to onsite and online attendees. 

We didn't face any logistical challenges and it was a matter of turning the RSI platform we are familiar with on. - Mark Breakspear, Senior Technician at DLC Events.

The Outcome

Over 1500 attendees in Dubai were able to listen to the live interview with Thomas Pesquet in English and Arabic, through radio receivers, thanks to the interpretation provided through Interprefy Remote Simultaneous interpretation platform. The interpreted interview was also broadcasted to countless other offsite attendees.

Using the same and trusted interpreting and remote support teams and remote simultaneous interpretation system ensures the smooth delivery of interpretation at the highest level of standards for any connection. - Mark Breakspear, Senior Technician at DLC Events. 

Interprefy and DLC events have delivered interpretation to over 200 events at Expo 2020. 

Behind the Scenes


Curious to know what it was like for the interpreter and the remote support technician to work on such an extraordinary project? We interviewed them and filmed them here