Herbalife Nutrition organises many events for its distributors across the globe every year. The events typically last multiple days and include a range of presentations, team activities and live shows. For their Barcelona event in 2022, the event featured speakers in 24 languages and an audience of over 18,000 who attended the event in person. The company aimed to provide live interpretation in 27 languages. To achieve this, Herbalife required strong partners pulling together.

One of these partners is Clarus Language Solutions, Herbalife Nutrition’s global provider of language support and the responsible team for providing interpretation in 27 languages at their Barcelona event. Clarus are a US leader in a range of language services and equipment for live events, as well as a member of the Congress Rental Network, a close partner of Interprefy. The partnership combines technical on-site AV expertise with cloud-based technology from Interprefy to help simplify the delivery of simultaneous interpretation, making it more scalable, eco-friendly and cost-efficient.


Clarus Language Solutions and Herbalife chose a remote approach to simultaneous interpretation for their Barcelona event. This approach meant that over 50 interpreters would work from different parts of the world, using Interprefy's remote simultaneous interpretation technology. Live simultaneous interpretation was then delivered in real-time to 18,000 people on site. 


The Challenge

Supplying interpretation remotely in 27 languages in a scalable and reliable manner

As Herbalife's trusted global interpretation provider, Clarus Language Solutions had already run a variety of events, hybrid and in-person, with remote interpretation for them. Being familiar with RSI meant that the client's mind was at ease, knowing that the setup was a safe bet to deliver live interpretation to their stadium event.

For first-time users of remote interpretation at venue events there's always a little bit of concern from the production side. - Matt Field, VP, Technology at Clarus Language Solutions explains

"Questions such as, What are we going to do with 18,000 people if the Internet goes down and we lose interpretation? are common when organising massive in-person events with a remote aspect. Without those interpreters, you can't even explain to your audience what's happening because most of them won't understand you" Matt says. For these reasons, Clarus needed to ensure that they could monitor such a big event and number of languages easily and at all times.

The massive reach and number of languages catered for was the other challenge of this event. There were speakers in 24 different languages and interpretation was provided in 27, which meant that interpreters needed to perform relays to deliver interpretation, as not all of them could speak and understand all the languages spoken on stage. 

The Approach

Using a trusted partner with Cloud technology and user-friendly relay capabilities

Instead of flying and accommodating over 60 interpreters for 3 days in Barcelona and organising the delivery, storage and installation of 27 interpreting booths,  Clarus opted for a remote interpreting approach. 

Also, to avoid having just one host in one location monitoring such a massive event, Clarus chose a remote interpreting provider who had servers in different locations and allowed distributed hosts, which added extra safety.

Because of the way Interprefy works, nothing is hanging on one location and it adds reliability. If something happened and we lost connectivity in one location we could still actually monitor everything from another location just with some laptops. - Matt explains 

They also opted for a professional remote simultaneous interpretation platform specifically designed to meet interpreting needs and that could support large numbers of interpreters, language channels and relays. 

Interprefy's remote interpretation platform allowed us to have all the interpreters in the same session so that the relay could function properly." Matt adds. 

The Outcome

18,000 people enjoyed real-time professional interpretation in 27 languages for this 3-day event in Barcelona. 

The whole event was monitored safely from 2 locations with a team of 6 people and the experience was so smooth for organisers, attendees and technicians that this is the approach Herbalife is taking for their next event in Lisbon.

The way everything went down totally assuaged all possible concerns with using remote interpretation for a fully on-site event. We are in fact doing the exact same thing for Herbalife next event in Lisbon in November. Matt says.