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Interprefy is loved by teams at organisations of all shapes and sizes

Transform your events

Avoid complexity

Spend less time setting up and configuring interpreting equipment and more time running amazing events.

Scale your activities

Utilise cloud-based technology to ensure your events can go ahead online and be scaled to support any number of delegates.

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Connect remote audiences

Leverage real-time remote participation and remote interpretation to make your events more accessible to diverse audiences on any web conferencing and virtual events platform.

The cloud-based remote interpreting platform for any event - online or offline.

Interprefy is intuitive to use and offers highest flexibility to work with your preferred video conferencing platforms Zoom, Webex, ON24 & more. The encrypted audio is crystal-clear with near-zero latency. The platform can be scaled to support any number of speakers or attendees. 

Interprefy's professional services team supports you along the way to make you more efficient and allowing you to focus on making your event special.

What is remote simultaneous interpreting?
Cloud Remote Interpretation

As well as providing an easy-to-use platform that can be scaled to meet any requirements, Interprefy provides world-class conference interpreters that are the best-suited to your event, and from anywhere in the world. Our Professional Services team ensures the seamless deployment of all aspects of your interpretation needs, from planning to execution.

We serve all industries, and through our partner network we source interpreters with just the right mix of knowledge and skills to suit your sector.

Alternatively, our experienced training team can train your preferred interpreters to use our remote simultaneous interpretation platform.

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Making it easier for your event to succeed

Increased flexibility

We provide remote simultaneous interpreting at short notice to fit around your meeting or event- on our platform or in your existing web conferencing tool.

Stunning quality

Enjoy a Swiss solution that provides crystal-clear audio and high-definition video streaming, encrypted to the highest security standards.


No configuration required. Just download our app and go. Attendees can listen to their language of choice.

24/7 Global support

Interprefy provides technical support remotely or on-site before and during all events.


By working with the best language service providers in the world, we deliver conference-level interpreters for your event.


Slash your costs by up to 50% without compromising on quality. Save hours of administration. No need to hire cumbersome AV equipment or to fly interpreters around the world.

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Highly secure

Benefit from best-in-class security standards and protocols for encryption and transmission – such as TLS 1.2 (the safest method available today), AES-256-GCM, WebRTC (the leading technology for secure, real-time audio and video streaming) and two-factor authentication.

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Powering the new normal of 2020

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successful online & hybrid events organised for clients.
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interpreters worldwide.
Language Service Provider
Interprefy team members on 5 continents

Remote interpreting for any type of event

When staging a large conference, there’s no need for booths or interpreters on-site if you use our platform. 

We offer different options for conferences, press conferences, meetings, video conferences, seminars and panel discussions. 

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Service-driven online event technology solutions

Multi-hub & Online Events

Host your meetings and events on our platform, or Zoom, ON24 & more, while offering your clients multilingual video conferencing, via remote simultaneous interpretation, and remote connectivity. With this technology, you can organise your meetings digitally and with no limit on attendees.

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Project Management & Support

Whether you need help setting up on-site interpreting equipment, such as transmitters and booths, connect AV equipment, help with event preparation and booking of interpreters, or remote support, we work closely with event agencies, PCOs and venues to deliver cost-effective options for you.

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Spend less time finding conference-level interpreters and more time organising the event with our language partner services. We work with established language service providers and can help you to find the interpreters you are looking for.

Find the right interpreters

Media Services

As well as our remote interpretation software, on and off-site support and interpreter services, we can also help you with recording, captioning,  and transcription.

On-site Events

Through Interprefy’s remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) platform, you can enable interpreters to work from anywhere, anytime. This allows you to source and leverage conference-level interpreters for your on-site events, as well as eliminate the cost of their travel and accommodation.

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remote interpreting for on-site events
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Have you considered taking your events, meetings and conferences online?

What should you be looking for when selecting an online event provider? As events move further into the digital space, organisers have a responsibility to cater for the wider audience they could expect to see attending.

Through technological advancements, many online platforms have capabilities for remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI), allowing for more diverse audiences to participate.

To find out what else you should be considering when evaluating RSI providers, download our latest eBook.

What people have to say about us

Loved by corporates, educational institutions, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and international conglomerates, Interprefy is the go-to remote interpretation solution for events. 

We work hand-in-hand with professional conference organisers, language service providers and venues to ensure your requirements are met every step of the way.

Read our customer stories

In early 2020 – amidst the COVID-19 outbreak – we had to host an online event for more than 250 participants in 6 languages. It was the largest project we ever worked on. We thought that our speakers would have to work from their offices (as doing so would provide them with the equipment they needed) but Interprefy solved that problem. With Interprefy, our speakers were able to work from their homes using their own WiFi and headsets – no specialist equipment or technical support required!

Chris Daunt

IT Manager

Interprefy helped deliver huge cost savings at mega-brand’s largest event – with over 9,000 attendees over three days. It provided us with a flexible, scalable and innovative remote simultaneous interpretation solution for 9 languages.

Roland Raffel

Project Manager

The functionality and procedures were simple, impressive and cost-effective. We would like to thank Interprefy for the great service.

Nadine Dueclos

Marketing Manager

We were very impressed with the professionalism of the Interprefy team, the speed of delivery and the quality of the interpreters.

Yap Xin Hong

Event Specialist

Become an expert in event organisation in the digital age.