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Zurich on 28 September 2020 - imavox was one the first Interprefy partners and have now fully integrated native live remote simultaneous interpretation into AIO (All-in-One), an imavox owned Virtual & Hybrid event platform.

imavox is pleased to announce its further partnership with Interprefy, the leading Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) technology provider, enabling participant engagement without geographical or language barriers. AIO customers can now receive interpretation services in any language, anywhere at any time. AIO allows participants on-site to access their native language audio through a mobile app and remote participants to simply select their language channel in the virtual platform.

Interprefy revolutionizes simultaneous interpreting by replacing proprietary hardware with a cloud-based solution so that interpreters can deliver their services remotely. Online event participants can simply listen to the language of their choice directly on the live event platform or through mobile application. As interpreters work remotely, the best conference-level interpreters can be selected in any area of specialization at short notice, independently of their location.

Interprefy’s gateway solution was built specifically to integrate with online event platforms and tear down language barriers for all participants. We're extremely proud to offer imavox' customers the flexibility to simply select their language and share their ideas in their native tongue",

says Richard Roocroft, Director of Global Sales at Interprefy.

imavox has been collaborating with Interprefy for many years in providing hassle-free and cost-effective premium services to its customers for on-site events, while reducing the impact on the environment. Thanks to Interprefy’s technology, we can reduce the carbon footprint by eliminating the need to fly interpreters in, reduce admin and cost and avoid setting up complex and bulky interpreting equipment.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world irrevocably, forcing almost every industry to rapidly adopt online technology in order to continue operations. And it is no different for the translation and interpretation market.

Since early March, multinational corporations and international associations have had to turn face-to-face events into virtual events using digital tools.

imavox has been investing and adapting its digital event and engagement tools to be ahead of the market requirements and to better address its customers’ challenges. AIO Events provides within one online platform, a large array of fully integrated native functionalities allowing remote or hybrid events to maximize participant experience and engagement while generating actionable data for the organisers and partners.

Commenting on the partnership, Michel Huguenin – Founder & CEO of imavox said

The pivot to digital solutions requires more than ever to engage with the right partners to provide limitless solutions to our customers! Events will shift when possible to hybrid format or back to face-to-face but the physical components will remain and there are so many advantages including sustainability, global reach, and cost-effectiveness. We are proud to be working with Interprefy’s innovative solution which answer those needs.

About AIO Events by imavox

AIO (All-in-One) Events is a fully integrated event management system that allows the possibility of running virtual and hybrid events. Our solution leverages the traditional event experience with interactive intuitive live content and engagement covering the entire lifecycle of the event planning and execution and allows contact tracing and safety coverage of every event.

It has the capability to merge seamlessly the Live Streaming technology together with engaging digital experience through a unified, secured, and customized online platform.

imavox is headquarted in Switzerland with offices in Singapore, Kigali - Rwanda, Shanghai - China and Paris - France.

About Interprefy AG

Interprefy provides remote interpreting for events and meetings. Its platform revolutionises simultaneous interpreting by replacing old hardware with a cloud-based solution so that interpreters can deliver their services without needing to be onsite, while event participants can simply listen to the language of their choice through their smartphones. Because event and meeting organisers don’t need to fly in interpreters, pay for hotels and organize for interpreting equipment to be installed, they can enjoy the stress-free and cost-effective premium service offered by Interprefy.

Scalability and flexibility are at the core of all Interprefy’s products. Interprefy is loved by world leading enterprises, international organizations and not-for-profits across the globe. Because Interprefy partners with leading language service providers the best interpreting talent for any mix of languages, including rare languages, can be sourced.

Markus Aregger

Written by Markus Aregger

Head of Marketing at Interprefy