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Interprefy Select: Select your platform, select your language

Interprefy Select streams real-time professional interpretation, AI translated speech, and live closed captions to your tried-and-trusted meeting or event platform. 


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Connect the world in their own language

At global summits, on multi-national panel talks, in online meetings between your branches, not all of us have a dozen languages in our back pocket. So how can we communicate without it becoming a barrier? By connecting the world in their own language. That’s interprefying it.

Interprefy Select supports you with real-time interpretation in any language, from experienced interpreters and real-time captions in over 60 virtual event and meeting platforms. 

Expand your event reach

Reach audiences in new markets by turning your potential audience pool into a global ocean.

Remove language barriers

Remove language barriers in your meetings, conferences, webinars, or trainings. So everyone can understand and be understood.

Increase accessibility and inclusion

Facilitate equal meeting access for everyone with sign language interpreting and live closed captions.

We partner and integrate with over 60 meeting and event platforms.

Are you planning a global MS Teams meeting? A summit on Hopin? A press conference in Zoom? We partner with the leading web conferencing and virtual event platforms to provide live interpretation, no matter where you connect.

Explore our integrations

Make meetings and events multilingual, anywhere, with Interprefy Select

Interprefy language selector

Interprefy integrates with virtual event platforms, such as Hopin, On24 or vFairs, to place a simple and powerful language selector directly inside your chosen platform.

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Interprefy Web App

Access real-time interpreting alongside any virtual event, streaming or web conferencing platform through the Interprefy Select Web App.

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Mobile App

Fully virtual, in-person or hybrid - no matter the event set-up, participants can follow your content anywhere while listening to crystal-clear real-time interpreting on their smartphone.

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Interprefy for Zoom

Interprefy Select is compatible with the language channels in Zoom. Your event attendees can access interpreting directly from the Zoom meeting interface, while interpreters are provided with full RSI capabilities on the Interprefy soft console.

Meet Interprefy for Zoom

Interprefy for MS Teams

Interprefy has co-developed a native integration with Microsoft Teams to bring our multilingual meeting expertise to Teams.

Meet Interprefy for Teams
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We'll take care of all the heavy lifting


Find the right interpreters

We partner with leading global Language Service Providers to find the right interpreters for you.


Provide closed captions

We can provide live closed captions to support access for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.


Provide world-class support

Our team of multilingual event experts across the globe takes care of all the heavy lifting before and during your meeting or event.


Grant access to a stellar partnership network

We partner with over 60 event platform providers, AV and event production companies across the globe to make even the most complex set-ups a breeze.

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Got questions?

Drop us a line and we'll help you remove language barriers in your preferred meeting platform.

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